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game-based learning

Game-based learning has become a popular concept these days. With the virtual gaming platform, students can now learn a lot of things with precision. Such learning methodology has been getting applied in various fields, like interactive sales training, nursing, engineering, architecture, mechanical science, electronics and many more. Previously, game-based learning was thought to be the best way of nurturing the talents of the kids. But, the situation has changed around us drastically in a few years. Now, we can see the modern generation is more attentive towards virtual gaming. Not just kids, but adults are also fond of virtual gaming. This triggers the ideas of game based learning.

For a business house, providing proper training to its sales team is necessary. But, the training process is hefty as well as a matter of high expenses. Similarly, trainees in healthcare industries need proper training, and for that cutting edge training sessions are arranged by making huge expenses by the healthcare units. Gamification or game-based learning can make this training process more productive and cost-effective. It will provide a virtual ambiance for the trainees. Trainees will play the games, meet new challenges and earn rewards for their performances. In this process, they will gain immense practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

On a number of fronts, game-based learning and gamification solutions in corporate training beat out any other form of training available – whether it be video based training or instructor led training, because of few reasons such as – 

  • Price Points
    When done right, you can have the highest RoI in terms of learner satisfaction, learning and retention and engagement with the content. It also allows for minor maintenance and periodic content updates for a nominal cost, while still retaining the core framework.

  • Mobility
    One of the key selling points of game-based learning  solutions for training, the inherent nature of game based learning allows for multi platform deployment, i.e. deployment across multiple devices without any compromise to the overall learning experience. As a result, companies with a highly mobile workforce can still be actively generating income for the organization by staying in the field (as opposed to being confined to the classroom for workshops) and refreshing their skills. New approaches to training, such as microlearning, enhance this mobile usability even further.

  • Engagement
    Another major aspect where game-based learning wins out over other forms of corporate training is the learner’s engagement with the content. Game-based learning, by virtue of their narrative structure, allows for a higher chance of the learner establishing a strong connection with the training material and thus, a higher chance of successfully achieving all the learning objectives for  that module.

These are just a few of the differentiators that set game-based learning solutions apart from other current corporate training methods. Game-based Learning as a training solution are becoming the most popular trends in HR and L&D departments of large organizations around the world. Many companies are fast realizing the power of using the intuitiveness and engagement powers of game based learning to create training solutions that are vastly superior to legacy elearning content.

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