All you need to know about Microlearning!

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is a focused learning nugget, wherein the content is engineered into a series of short, concise, and dynamic learning moments, each a complete experience on its own while supporting the learning sequence as a whole.

In simple terms, it is learning in small steps which is made possible with the aid of small, well planned, bite sized chunks of units that are short-term, digestible, and easily manageable. This has a positive impact on learning and application and can be used very effectively to bring about behavioral change.

Microlearning content does not focus on the fluff which, externally, makes a piece of content “look” good. Microlearning, combined with the power of emerging technologies, has the potential to make learning more powerful and natural.


Let’s have a look at the benefits of microlearning



  • Immediate Results
  • Diverse formats
  • Budget friendly
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Action-based and easily digestible
  • Available just-in-time, right in the workflow
  • Quick achievements
  • Ideal for tagging
  • Fast-paced culture



What is its significance in today’s learning scenario?

Microlearning is going to be the future of learning. It is all set to transform how we learn both for our personal as well as our professional needs.

Microlearning can be used to offer formal training, but it often finds a wider usage in informal training.

With several studies and industrial experts claiming that millennials have an attention span of a gold fish, micro learning includes for features such as spacing, interleaving, and repetition to help the brain move information from a short-term memory into a long-term memory, where it can be more easily retrieved on the job.

new-piktochart(3)Humans can stay alert and engaged on a topic for about 20 minutes, after which neurons require a two- to three-minute break to recover.

A PricewaterhouseCoopers study has found that millennials already form 25 percent of the U.S. workforce, and by 2020 will form 50 percent of the world’s workforce.

Tedious training sessions, forced instruction and epic employee manuals are outdated teaching tools and are no longer sticky.

Rather than bombarding the brain with an abundance of data, microlearning gives you the opportunity to provide small segments of information so that the mind can process it more effectively.

Microlearning is ideal for millennials, as it gives them the opportunity to build their knowledge base when it’s most convenient for them.

Why is microlearning gaining popularity in the learning sector?

  • Microlearning powered by gamification can boost learner motivation to a great extent, and hence ensure higher learner engagement
  • Quick to develop, adopt and amend as and when required
  • It can be used for both formal and informal training
  • It provides for higher completion and retention rate
  • Millennials have a tendency to naturally adapt to this form of learning
  • Microlearning suits the constraints of the human brain with respect to its attention span
  • Microlearning is suited for the just-in-time performance-based learning requirements of today’s workforce
  • Due to short training duration, the microlearning costs are lower than traditional eLearning.

Learners operate on a recurrent pattern of activity and rest. That’s why giving them bite-sized information while they are at the peak of their energy levels often leads to successful results. Microlearning is an ideal solution for those who may not have the time to devote to a lengthy course, given that you can learn at your own pace and avoid the risk of becoming overwhelmed by too much data at once.

Are you ready to move towards microlearning?

Microlearning can offer a wide range of benefits for organizations who want to narrow performance and skills gaps rapidly, without having to take a large chunk out of their Learning and Development budget. Indusgeeks being a veteran in this field can assist you in creating millennial centric solutions, to engage and delight your learners. To know more about the latest industry trends, keep visiting our blog.

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