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Sales Gamification: A new way to engage and uplift!

When we use the word gamification, we assume and envision games modified in such a way which is helping a business to achieve the parameters of growth. Gamification is not something new, it is about amplifying the real world experience by applying motivational techniques that makes game so engaging. WHAT IS SALES GAMIFICATION? The key


Understanding the advantages of customized business simulations

Before you send your sales reps out on the field and lose all your profit margins on a badly executed venture, there’s a better way of helping them navigate through the landscape of the company objectives and goals: Business simulations!! Business simulations are crucial in developing capabilities required for superior strategy execution. It simulates real


  A recent article from The Next Web ( talks about the increasing challenges that are faced by HR departments across the world when it comes to hiring from a growing millennial workforce. Another crucial observation is also quite fascinating – a lot of L&D and HR departments are beginning to realize that standard training


Indusgeeks - Game Based Training for Safety and Compliance

Safety training is the unsung hero of many industries. Keeping employees safe is a concern for every business, but for some companies with extremely dangerous work environments, it’s a matter of life and death on a daily basis.

We at Indusgeeks believe that a game can easily be made engaging enough to trump user attention over the dullest pieces of legacy content out there, making us pioneers in developing fun, engaging, interactive and simulation based training solutions for our clients, especially when it comes to game based compliance and safety training solutions.

To know more about the advantages of game based training solutions for safety and compliance training, read on!