Virtual Training


The benefits of game based training and compliance

As we’ve covered in previous posts, game based training has enormous application in various business processes – sales training, leadership development and even onboarding. But another very crucial area where game based training can be used for corporate training and game based elearning solutions, is compliance and safety. We’ve briefly touched on some scenarios along


All you need to know about Microlearning!

What is microlearning? Microlearning is a focused learning nugget, wherein the content is engineered into a series of short, concise, and dynamic learning moments, each a complete experience on its own while supporting the learning sequence as a whole. In simple terms, it is learning in small steps which is made possible with the aid


The Future is Now: How VR can transform corporate training (Part 1)

In the first part of this two part series, we’re going to explore how Virtual Reality has, in recent times, come to win hearts and minds of a growing number of people looking to engage with media in new ways. Read one to find out a few good reasons why VR could hold the key to transforming corporate training!