Custom Simulation Development vs Off The Shelf game based learning solutions – Which is better?

In today’s corporate training landscape, there are vastly different approaches to solve a key problem – how do I, as the head of my company’s learning and development division, help meet my targets and create game based learning or simulation based training solutions that have a high employee engagement.

At this point, two possible options present themselves – Custom Simulation Development and Off The Shelf game based learning solutions.

Each have their own merits, but custom simulation development has significantly more advantages than off the shelf solutions. For instance, with Off The Shelf solutions, one tends to get a very generic experience which matches the “one size fits all” approach mode of training. Depending on costs, the solution is also likely to have subsidized visuals. To add to this, many of our clients have stated that the overall results of such off the shelf solutions have ended up with them being back where they started as far as employee engagement goes – after an initial bump in interest, these solutions, too, suffer from the “chocolate covered broccoli” method of game based learning, as a result of not really being able to tailor the content to the company’s specific demographic or business need.

In cases like these, custom simulation development (like the kind that we at Indusgeeks undertake) really shines – with customized simulation development, the game based training solution is developed in close collaboration with the client (the client being the key subject matter expert). With the client being closely involved and with factual and statistical data to inform us about the target demographic of the training material, we at Indusgeeks are able to develop accurate user personas and design user experiences that provide the most engagement and immersion possible. Coupled with highly quality visuals and the final solution ends up in a completely different league of its own, with regards to build quality. As a result, L&D divisions are, through customized simulations, able to take a tactical approach to solving their learning requirement needs which, over the long run, definitely outweigh constantly churning through off the shelf solutions that don’t entirely fulfill their learning needs.

About Indusgeeks:

Indusgeeks has, for the past 8 years, served as one of the best game based learning and game based training companies in the world, transforming boring e-learning content via our proprietary process into engaging, interactive content that keeps companies ahead of the curve when it comes to learning technology. Interested in taking the first step to creating game based learning solutions your learners will love? Feel free to drop us an e-mail at business at indusgeeks dot com or call us at +1 650 488 8072.