Explore Game Based Learning With Indusgeeks

When training or education feels dull, learners do not get motivated or engaged. In other words, they do not really learn. Learning means acquiring the thought processes and skills needed to respond in the right way under pressure, in various situations. People learn better from interactive experiences that actively engage and motivate them in the learning process. Game based learning makes this possible. It involves the use of games to improve the learning process.

For many years, teachers have used games to instruct their students directly. This one of the things that led to the establishment of game based learning companies India. Some games integrate simulations that allow learners to put certain concepts into practice. They then receive personalized feedback. Good game based learning applications can draw students or employees of a company into a virtual environment that feels and looks relevant and familiar. This is motivating because the learners can quickly understand and see the connection between the learning experience and their real life work.

In an effective game based learning environment, learners works towards achieving a goal, selecting actions and experiencing the repercussion of the actions along the way. Learners can make errors in a risk free setting and actively practice and learn the correct way to do things through experimentation. This keeps learners engaged in practicing thought processes and behaviors that they can transfer easily from the simulated environment for real life.

Research studies indicate that the game based learning is highly effective in virtual environments. For instance, when aircraft training is combined with flight simulators, pilots learn more effectively than when only aircraft training is used. In game based environments, students learn the facts and the vital, underlying deeper and abstract principles. This prepares them to perform effectively and consistently in unexpected and new situations.

Game based learning that is well designed has many benefits over traditional experimental learning methods. Unlike safety training that involves the use of live machinery, game based learning is low risk and affordable. The games also present learning experiences that are impossible in real life. Game based learning companies like Indusgeeks offer well designed games that can meet the needs of corporations, human resource departments and learning institutions.

Game based learning solutions are versatile and can be utilized on multiple platforms. When looking for a leading game based learning company India residents should choose Indusgeeks. This is a leading game based training and game based learning and simulation company. Indusgeeks can transform dull e-learning content into interactive and engaging content.

Indusgeeks is one of the best game based learning companies Mumbai has to offer. We design solutions that provide learners with a great learning experience across many different platforms. With the popularity of mobile technology, we create customized mobile learning solutions which help our clients remain competitive. Our game based training and learning platform supports self paced learning. It has interactive avatars, which engage with the learner and offer an immersive experience.


Our gamification and simulation based training platform supports the inclusion of summative and formative tests to gauge the knowledge retention of the learners using it. There are many benefits of mobile learning. To begin with, m-leaning leverages the portability and performance of mobile devices. With the extensive learning experience that we craft, we make sure that our clients receive the most suitable solution depending on their needs. You do not need to look for another game based learning company Mumbai because Indusgeeks can help you create a game based learning solution that your employees or students will love.