Game Based Learning – an effective tool for the interactive millenial learner

Enterprises around the world are always on a quest to attract and retain talented people. Unfortunately, the success of an organization is not always the driving factor behind the hiring process. Many organizations lose about a quarter of all their new members of staff within a year. This is costly both in terms of rehiring expenses and slowed performance. Retaining employees is therefore a major priority for managers. In order to avoid spending money on new hires just to have them leave within less a year, companies should improve onboarding.

Onboarding involves more than training new employees and increasing the output of an organization. All new hires become participants in and contributors to an organization’s culture. All new hires must be engaged in their new job in order to attain optimal productivity. If the trainees fail to assimilate into a company’s culture, then all other employees will be affected.

One of the best ways to improve onboarding is to deploy game based learning during the onboarding process. This will give your company a great opportunity to engage and interest new employees. By creating a workplace environment that is engaging from the beginning, the new employees will carry this with them as they interact with their co-workers and your customers. However, if you do not establish a positive outlook from the beginning, it will be harder to develop this mindset later.

Game based learning involves using games to enhance the learning process. Educators have used games to instruct students for many decades. The games teach the students directly. For instance, the characters in a game can teach students certain concepts. A game may integrate a simulation that allows students to practice certain concepts and receive personalized feedback. Therefore, experimental learning happens through the game. This process can be easier if you enlist the services of game based learning companies.

One of the established and reputable firms that offer game based training in Mumbai is Indusgeeks. At Indusgeeks, we can assist you to transform unappealing e-learning content into interactive and engaging content that will keep your firm ahead of its competitors in terms of learning technology.

Game based learning can also help your organization by improving the behavior of your employees. It can also increase productivity and retention levels in your firm. Since it is conducted in a controlled environment devoid of risks, your employees can experiment with what they have learned without fearing real world repercussions. They can even use their training materials to innovate. Another advantage of game based learning is that it can be developed for a wide range of platforms. This includes computers, tablets and smartphones among other devices. You can therefore provide your employees with the opportunity to learn concepts at any location.

The game based learning and training platform that Indusgeeks offers also supports self paced learning via guided learning. It features interactive avatars which engage with the users and offer an immersive experience. The outcome is a fun and engaging learning experience. With our simulation based training platform, you may also include summative and formative tests. These tests can enable you to know how well your employees have retained the information they learned.

About Indusgeeks:

Indusgeeks has, for the past 8 years, served as one of the best game based learning, game based training and simulation based training companies in the world, transforming boring e-learning content via our proprietary process into engaging, interactive content that keeps companies ahead of the curve when it comes to learning technology. Interested in taking the first step to creating game based learning solutions your learners will love? Feel free to drop us an e-mail at business at indusgeeks dot com or call us at +1 650 488 8072.