Game Based Learning and it’s role in Sales Training

Game Based Learning and Gamification are growing trends in the learning technology industry. Over the past decade, these two revolutionary approaches to training have begun to find acceptance in a number of different business processes. However, one of the most innovative uses for game based learning and gamification is definitely it’s potentially game-changing (pun intended) application in the field of sales training.

In the past, one of the key problems faced by corporate trainers were that their training was non-standardized, compressed to ensure productivity wasn’t impacted by employees spending a lot of time in learning workshops and the RoI on this training was not up to the mark, especially in companies where the sales force brought in most of the organization’s key business.

One of the big ways that game based learning and game based sales training has helped has been to provide a risk-free environment to learners, thus allowing them to experiment with approaches to a customer and (depending on the game design), the Client’s AI could react accordingly, thus creating a dynamic sales training simulation that could help the learner fine tune their sales skills.

Another key benefit is that game based learning can be deployed on multiple platform, thus allowing field sales staff to learn or refresh their knowledge while on the go. The final key benefit  is that the added gamification and social layer allows for a more immersive, social learning experiences where learners can also gain knowledge from their peers and compete.

In short, Game based Learning and Gamification have a valuable opportunity in creating the next generation of Sales Training.

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