Game Based Learning , mLearning Serious Games and Gamification – the best method to engage your learners

In the current training landscape, new trends have now established themselves to be unparalleled when it comes to helping the user engage with content, improve learning (and driving an enthusiasm to learn) as well create better retention of learned material. These trends include serious games, game  based learning and gamification. Below is a brief look at how they accomplish this impressive feat:

  1. Multiplatform support: By virtue of being device agnostic, game based learning can be used to create new forms of training for mobiles and tablets (known as mlearning) to allow people to refresh or gain new skillsets while on the go. mLearning is especially useful in the case of corporate training, where having employees set aside a certain period of their time to refresh their skills can impact productivity. mLearning and game based learning side step these issues by allowing them to learn at their own pace, thus allowing them to be flexible with their time designated for learning as well the time used for their work.
  2. LMS Compatibility: Apart from being device agnostic, they can also be designed to be LMS compatible, thus allowing for new game based learning modules that can be deployed on an organization’s already established LMS and minimize deployment costs. Depending on whether the LMS is SCORM or xAPI compliant, the content then can also be accessed from multiple devices – desktop, tablet or mobile.
  3. High User Engagement: Game Based Learning, mlearning and serious games and simulations are highly engaging, through use of gameplay elements such as narrative storylines, gameplay mechanics such as interludes and cutscenes and intuitive controls within a virtual environment to help immerse the player in the content. Further gamification elements, such as badges and leaderboards can help augment what is already an interesting learning solution into a truly great learning experience.
  4. Deeper Analytics and assessment: Game based learning also allows for the ability to embed high levels of data collection, allowing trainers to take an in-depth look at how their students approach games. This opens up the possibility for an algorithmically generated syllabus based on their game based learning experience, thus resulting in a more personalized trainign experience that specifically targets weakpoints in the learner’s knowledge. The end result from this game based learning and gamification solution is a more well-rounded learner.

In short, gamification in learning as well as game based learning and simulation based training has the potential to transform the way learners look at their training material and also provides an amazing opportunity to trainers to gain valuable insight on how the learning process happens with their students.

About Indusgeeks:

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