Game Based Training and Compliance

Game based learning, gamification and game based training are quickly becoming growing trends in today’s world.

Corporations, academic institutions and even governments are now discovering the power of game based learning and training, specifically its ability to play a key role in being able to teach important steps for corporate compliance.

For example, imagine a situation where, in an oil and gas company, a correct sequence of steps must be performed in order to perform a standard safety procedure to shut off valves that are being maintained. What usually happens in such a situation is that the company trains new inductees using a standard company powerpoint presentation and the information is subsequently forgotten. What it doesn’t take into account is the fact that in studies have shown that in order for information to be retained, the steps need to be practised multiple times over the period of a few days. Not only does this lengthen the induction process, but also highlights the glaring lack of two key important ingredients for successful training – first, a risk free environment that can be accessed at any time and secondly, an objective driven learning scenario.

Enter game based learning and gamification.

What game based training and gamification can do is create a virtual model of the entire process and, through the process of virtual mentoring (much like the facility available as part of Indusgeeks’s INIT platform) are able to interactively teach new inductees the correct compliance protocols. Gamification elements such as badges and warning can also be used to fine-tune the inductees technique to ensure that the compliance policy is being followed exactly. In addition to all of this, game based training and gamification elements can also create another element which cannot be found in traditional forms of learning, which is interactivity – through interactive screen based gamification solutions, trainers can even simulate emergency situations under a timer to see how the player responds and recalls important pieces of safety and compliance information under stress (thus further ensuring the likelihood of them retaining the information).

In short, it’s safe to say that safety and compliance are one of the key areas that game based training and gamification can improve with their unique abilities. For more information about how Indusgeeks can help you with your game based training and gamification needs, feel free to drop us a line at our e-mail : business (at) indusgeeks (dot) com.