The benefits of Game based training and gamification in corporate learning

With the corporate training landscape changing dramatically, one thing is becoming increasingly clear through various studies and surveys – gamification and game based training is set to become one of the defining features for game based training solutions of the future.

With highly engaging content, immersive environments and narrative driven storylines accompanying the training material, learners establish a stronger connect with the training material. Net result? Better retention, improved productivity and more effective learning overall.

In recent times, several of the key factors that resulted in a somewhat negative outlook of CBT’s and WBT’s (often used as an example of “chocolate covered broccoli”) have now ceased to exist. We stand on the bleeding edge of learning and training technology, with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices reaching consumer markets. To add to this, the growing power of smartphones gives the average employee access to training material like never before.

As a result of this, game based learning and gamification training solutions stand apart in their ability to target and fulfil employee training needs (for business processes which can range from soft skills and sales training to compliance and onboarding, among others) while remaining device agnostic and being fun and engaging.

Over the course of creating game based learning and simulation based training solutions for governments, multinational corporations and academic institutions around the world, us here at Indusgeeks have begun to see the trend shift towards one where game based training solution is seen as one of the best ways to augment existing training methodologies.

About Indusgeeks:

Indusgeeks has, for the past 8 years, served as one of the best game based learning and game based training companies in the world, transforming legacy and web based e-learning content via our proprietary platform into engaging, interactive content that keeps companies ahead of the curve when it comes to learning technology.

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