Game Based Training vs. Traditional Training – which is better for Leadership Training?

Leadership training has become a big business, with publishers, universities and consultants jockeying to position themselves as the “go-to” partners and gurus to develop leaders, yet research shows most development programs fail to deliver expected returns.
According to the American Society of Training and Development (ATD), U.S. businesses spend more than $170 Billion dollars on leadership-based curriculum, with the majority of those dollars being spent on “Leadership Training.” And the sad thing is, most of them don’t even come close to accomplishing what they were designed to do – build better leaders!
A number of companies are starting to address these challenges by transforming the traditional leadership development approach with an integration of simulations and game based training equations.
At Indusgeeks, we are developing 100% tailor made solutions for our clients across all business sectors that not only motivates your employees, but it provides L & D Heads, management and executives with valuable data and insights on how these newly inspired behaviours impact business results.
Here are some interesting facts on current traditional training techniques and game based learning solutions that would make it pretty clear why game based training is the way of the future:


  1. Traditional training techniques are transactional – Leadership development has historically been focused on classroom learning, which while essential to the process, cannot adequately prepare leaders by itself. Gamification allows the learner the opportunity to make meaningful decisions while the general principles of a theory are being introduced, hence making these solutions transformational.
  2. Traditional training techniques are one-dimensional – A leader should be balanced across technical skillsets, behavioural intelligence and business acumen. By integrating our rich analytical technology and game based elements, Indusgeeks is a pioneer in developing customised solutions which satisfy all the above mentioned attributes in order to enable leaders to lead organizations to their full potential.
  3. Traditional training techniques could cost an arm and a leg – Traditional training techniques could hurt pockets, considering an array of elements that need to be considered: Instructors, Training materials, handouts, venue, miscellaneous etc. Many organizations perceive game-based learning as cost prohibitive and don’t think of it as a supplementary piece to a blended program which is a myth. Indusgeeks over the years has made it possible for game based training to be more readily available and economically across all business sectors.
  4. Game based training is more engaging – It’s quite evident that people are more likely to gain the skills and knowledge they need when they’re interested in learning. It harnesses our intrinsic motivations to give us a sense of autonomy, competency, and relatedness, which are the cornerstones of intrinsic motivation.
  5. Room for failure in a risk-free environment – Not being able to deliver can end up being considerably devastating and could shake confidence levels. Game based training provides an excellent platform to learn through failure and provides instructional opportunities. This prepares the individual to quickly adapt and modify their strategies to be more successful in real world applications.

Gamification will continue to grow in vogue as tech-savvy millennials continue to dominate the workforce in the coming years.
As a result organisations are realizing the virtue of game based training solutions for unlocking motivation and responding to today’s raised expectations of engagement.

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