Gamification in Healthcare : Nurse Training Simulations and Healthcare Training Simulations

As gamification and game based training become more and more prevalent, it’s applications in other fields has been the subject of much study.

One increasingly useful application for gamification in the healthcare space has been Nurse Training Simulations. Since one of the salient features of game based learning solutions and gamification solutions is the fact that it offers a risk free environment for learners to practise what they’ve learned (either through classroom instruction, or from another module in the application itself).

Another salient feature that plays into gamification and game based training solutions for healthcare (like nurse training simulations) is cost; Manekins, which are often used as a part of simulation training in medical training institutes worldwide, are very expensive. By moving over to the virtual realm and using a dynamic manekin and patient with a complex simulated system, nurse training becomes a lot simpler and a lot more effective. Let us take the case of customization, for example – manekins have a limited level of customization and have very little by way of interactivity. But imagine if you could create a virtual patient, with an AI that was smart enough to respond to your questions, help you develop a diagnosis through his symptoms and have tests and administered actions alter their physical state? That would be a lot more comprehensive because it takes several real world complications and forces the learner to handle them, thus resulting in better training overall.

On top of all of this, there’s also the gamification system that can be adapted to fit into the training modules as well. Several studies have shown that learners and players respond to positive re-inforcement such as badges, ranks and leaderboards. Implementation of gamification systems in healthcare has the ability to also add an element of competition, where learners compete with their knowledge of complex procedures and protocols – ultimately a win for the healthcare industry.

Indusgeeks is a game based learning and gamification company that also works in healthcare, through our Clinispace and Simtabs platforms, developed with our California-based partners at Innovation In Learning. If you’re interested in taking your nurse training to a whole new level of virtual simulations, feel free to contact us as business (at) indusgeeks (dot) com.