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 Gamification in new employee onboarding

New employee onboarding is the way toward incorporating new hires with an organization and its way of life, just as well, getting them the tools and data which is needed to become a productive individual of the team. To narrow it down further, it’s a systematic process of transforming them into top-performing employees. Now the question arises, how is gamification in new employee onboarding be beneficial? 

Gamification in terms of training purposes is booming for various sectors. It is turning out to be the ‘go-to’ choice for the organizations and L&D departments. And, gamification in new employee onboarding is turning out to be quite effective and the results of it have been impressive. Organizations with a gamified onboarding process have experienced a massive boost in engagement by 48% and 36% improvement in their turnover rate. Gamification in new employee onboarding can be fun along with achieving set objectives for few reasons:

  • Increases engagement and retention
  • Improves productivity
  • Deliver scalable results

Gamification can permit new employees to experience possible issues and gain from them without real-life outcomes. Inside this simulated climate new employees work on settling on choices and performing assignments and afterward see the outcomes of their activities in a danger-free climate. Given a safe and closed environment, making mistakes is expected, and they have the authorization to take as much time as necessary and practice. 

How gamification in new employee onboarding can be beneficial:

  • Rewards for progress
    All along, any little accomplishments that a new employee achieves ought to be rewarded. While you might think this sounds strange from the beginning, an examination back in 2008 found that almost 86% of fresh recruits choose whether or not they need to remain around with the organization inside the initial six months of work. Making employees feel like they are important to the organization is a crucial part and gamification training is achieved in the form of badges and rewards.

  • Keeping them engaged with leveling up
    The player needs to achieve a predetermined number of tasks before extra ones can be taken. Setting up a rundown of noteworthy objectives that your employees should achieve before different obligations can be allocated will make them perform better and increase their motivation too.

  • Quests
    Using gamification quests is another awesome method to further improve new employee onboarding in organizations. The thought behind quests is that they can be applied to any training subject, regardless of what it is. Exploring from the underlying issue to sorting out what the solution is lastly solving the questline puzzle has its very own rush. This is a typical strategy used to build commitment and retention rates too.

Gamification in new employee onboarding is a chance to make an incredible first encounter for fresh recruits and set out a guide that guarantees long-haul achievement. Gamification can likewise assist with empowering steady learning and commitment by making your preparation program seriously intriguing, offering you better chances to connect with your new workers, permitting you to survey their performance, and give feedback and inputs. 

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