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game-based learning

Game-based learning is a growing trend in the learning technology industry. Over the past decade, this revolutionary approach to training has begun to find acceptance in several different business processes. However, one of the most innovative uses for game-based learning is its potentially game-changing application in the field of sales training. According to several research studies being conducted annually, it’s becoming more and more apparent that game-based learning and gamification are one of the top trends to emerge over the past decade. With conclusive data showing that game-based learning has resulted in far better engagement, understanding, and better retention of learning material, a lot of L&D, as well as HR departments at organizations around the world, are now beginning to see the far-reaching impact that game-based learning has on corporate training, regardless of any industry.

In the past, one of the key problems faced by corporate trainers was that their training was non-standardized, compressed to ensure productivity wasn’t impacted by employees spending a lot of time in learning workshops and the RoI on this training was not up to the mark, especially in companies where the sales force brought in most of the organization’s key business. One of the best ways to improve sales training for organizations is to invest more in this training solutions, which employ gamification techniques and a narrative-driven approach to create a solution that employees want to play. With this method, organizational processes can be gamified to meet their needs – resulting in engaged, productive, and above all, happy employees. Two of the major reason for choosing game-based learning for sales training and is also the future ahead –

  • Adaptable
    It can be applied to create corporate training solutions for any business process or learning objective, making it extremely flexible for your specific learning objectives.

  • Multiplatform
    Game-Based Learning can be deployed across multiple platforms, thus allowing employees and learners to play on the go.

Game-based learning utilizes the experience of fun along with intrinsic motivation and rewards, to engage and captivate individual participants. It encourages learners to take risks that they would not ordinarily take. Many people are flocking to it because it is both an experiment and an experience! 

At Indusgeeks, we create high fidelity learning/training simulations specific to your needs and work with you to ensure that the outcome of your program is higher. Our solutions are available on desktop, mobile, tablet, and browser-based, making it accessible anywhere and everywhere. #MakeanImpact