Indian Virtual Worlds and MMORPGs – GoJiyo, Chimpoo, Online Tales…

The Indian virtual worlds and MMOGs ( Massively Multiplayer Online Games) market is starting to look up. VWs and MMOGs have been launched in the recent months to address all ends of the market. From Chimpoo a flash based kids world to the recent announcement of Online Tales an Indian MMOG by Swadesh Animation and RZ2 games. Godrej launched GoJiyo during the IPL Season and has been consistently promoting the Online Social Virtual World across media platforms.

We believe, these are very interesting times for the industry as the gaming and interactive content business is about to explode in India. A couple of interesting trends are accelerating the demand for online multi-user environments in India ( besides the over-arching reason that the recession is receding and more money is available for such investments) :

  1. The projected growth of PCs, Netbooks and other Internet Enabled Devices in India in the next 2-3 years.
  2. The push by telcos to spread Broadband to Tier 1 and 2 cities in India. As also, the improving speeds and reliability of the networks.

Some general global trends like better standard graphics hardware, proliferation of social networks and casual games and general awareness about interactive content on the Internet are contributing factors.

Globally we feel handheld ( mobile, internet enabled) devices like the iPad will revolutionize the interactive media industry in the next few years.

Indusgeeks is poised to launch a few products, for the Enterprise Virtual Worlds sector, in the next few months under its flagship Enterprise brand Metamersive™.

Key takeaway from the post – get ready for an onslaught of interactive media across delivery platforms like you have never seen before!

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