Indusgeeks 2010 – Serious Games, Enterprise Virtual Worlds, Immersive Internet, Advergaming and more..

Indusgeeks Solutions is proud to announce that we are taking the next step in the company’s evolution.

We are launching a product and services line under the flagship brand ‘Metamersive™’. This will cater to the Serious Games, Enterprise Virtual Worlds ( including Second Life Enterprise deployment) and 3D Simulations market. We seek to fulfill the next generation training, learning and collaboration needs of Global organisations, SMEs and Educational institutions with our Metamersive™ solutions.

Indusgeeks Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will continue to cater to the entertainment, marketing & advertising (advergaming) and casual gaming market under the ‘Indusgeeks’ brand.

Why this distinction ?

• Clarity of Messaging: As applications for 3D interactive, immersive technologies keep growing we needed to present a clearer picture of our products and services to our clients.

• Greater Internal Efficiency: The clear segmentation between entertainment & marketing and 3D training,learning and collaboration (3DTLC) led us to differentiate the product and service lines for the two.

• Better Service Standards and Delivery: This allows us to create deeper domain expertise to serve our clients within the specific verticals. And also to have dedicated client managers with relevant industry experience.

What’s new here?

Services under the Indusgeeks brand :

• Advergaming : We have been creating branding experiences in Second Life. Ref : Tata Indicom campaign, CRY etc. But these branding and marketing related immersive experiences are moving off standalone client based virtual worlds towards a more browser based virtual experience. To address this need we at Indusgeeks are now working on 2D and 3D branded immersive experiences (games, machinimas, virtual tours etc.) using Shockwave, Unity 3D and Flash and other technologies.

• Casual Games : In tune with the casual gaming revolution worldwide, we are using our expertise to serve clients within this domain.

Products under Metamersive™ :

• Improving ‘Metamersive™ Products by adding new 3D platforms like Unity3D , Open Sim and Project Wonderland, with the addition of authoring tools, SCORM support etc.

• Healthcare Education

• Security and Defense

Major theme for 2010 will be the same as 2009 – ‘applications of virtual world technologies’.

Motto for 2010 : Indusgeeks seeks to be the definitive company in the sector of 3D immersive, interactive technologies.

Since our inception we’ve been harping on about finding ‘killer applications’ for 3D technologies. It seems the time has come and 2010 will be a golden year for VW apps.

This change will be reflected in our website by February.

Our Company Motto for all times however remains the same:  And The Geek shall inherit the Virtual World !  🙂

Happy 2010 to all of you!