Indusgeeks and Innovation in Learning announce a global partnership to address the Virtual Immersive Healthcare Training Market ( Press Release)

Los Altos Hills, CA, May 5, 2010 – Innovation in Learning, a pioneer in the field of Immersive HealthCare Learning, Training and Collaboration, announced today  that it has entered into a global partnership with India-headquartered Indusgeeks Solutions, a leading virtual worlds development and serious games company.

Under the terms of the agreement, Innovation in Learning and Indusgeeks will work jointly to address the global Healthcare Training and Simulation market for both products and services.

“Innovation in Learning is excited to have Indusgeeks as our Global Partner”, said Dr. Parvati Dev, Cofounder and CEO of Innovation in Learning.  “Innovation in Learning seeks to empower healthcare professionals and students by presenting new immersive learning experiences for them on a browser based, easy to use, hosted platform called CliniSpaceTM. Indusgeeks offers dedicated technical and design solutions within the Immersive Internet domain. Immersive, interactive, virtual solutions like CliniSpaceTM provide medical and nursing schools as well as hospitals, an easy to use, hosted solution to achieve their training and quality objectives.”.  “This partnership” Dr. Dev added, “will also allow IIL to enter new Asian markets, especially India, which is a major future market for the Healthcare training and collaboration sectors.”

“Innovation in Learning has great credentials in the Healthcare training market, owing to the fact that they’re being led by accomplished academics like Dr. Dev and Dr. Heinrichs (Dr. Wm. LeRoy Heinrichs is an Emeritus Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine).” said Siddharth Banerjee , CEO of Indusgeeks.  “We are privileged to partner with IIL and help extend its expertise to a 3D immersive platform like CliniSpaceTM, a first of its kind solution in the Healthcare Training space.”  “Indusgeeks will also market and provide support for the ClinispaceTM platform across Indian and other Asian markets” mentioned Siddharth. “In addition, we will also jointly offer our services to create custom simulations and training solutions for global clients who are looking to create their own solutions on platforms like Second Life, OpenSim, Open Wonderland, Shockwave, Flash, Unity3D etc. in the Healthcare market.”

According to Dr. Heinrichs,  co-founder of IIL, “Our future plan and vision for this partnership, is to enable current generations of students to learn collaboratively and experientially using online virtual medical environments. Here, they can immediately gauge the application of their knowledge, skill, and attitude with the virtual patient’s responses.  We hope this innovative learning methodology will revolutionise medical education in the US and across the world.”

About Innovation in Learning: Innovation in Learning Inc. (IIL) provides products and services for virtual training environments in the healthcare sector. IIL’s products include CliniSpace™, a 3D immersive medical environment hosted on, and accessed via the Internet;  DynaPatient™, virtual patients with dynamic pathophysiology models; and clinical training scenarios, curricula and assessment tools. IIL’s principals are leaders in the healthcare simulation field, with numerous publications and recognition for their research.

About Indusgeeks Solutions Pvt. Ltd: Indusgeeks is an award winning 3D immersive solutions and virtual worlds development company. Voted as one of the hottest start-ups in India for the year 2010, Indusgeeks is a market leader in creating rich 3D and 2D, browser based, immersive virtual environments that work on low-end hardware and bandwidth. Indusgeeks’ global clientele includes the Govt. of Dubai, Tata Indicom, The Brand Union, Gazzetta dello Sport, Mahindra Satyam, Idaho State University etc.

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