Indusgeeks & Digital Touch EBusiness develop Dubai’s Virtual Transport Portal for Dubai Metro

Indusgeeks partnered with Digital Touch EBusiness ( also known as Olive Global, outside of  UAE) , a Dubai based company, to develop and deliver an integrated virtual transport simulation for its Government client in Dubai.

The primary challenge was to create an easy-to-access virtual simulation that would allow citizens and tourists to explore and learn about the features and benefits of the city-state’s integrated public transportation system.

Our solution – was the creation of a first of its kind, browser-based, full 3D virtual transport simulation using Adobe Shockwave 3D. The application is designed to run on low-end hardware and bandwidth configurations.

Dubai Metro's 'Air' these station

In addition to this, we also created a range of promotional Second Life videos (machinimas) to showcase the transport system’s facilities and benefits for the various segments of Dubai’s population.

To the best of our knowledge this is the first of it’s kind governmental deployment of such technology in the Middle East market.

With over 50,000 visitors to the portal, the solution has been running successfully since its   launch in September 2009.

To experience the virtual metro, please visit