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Nursing Game-based training The benefits and factors guide

Game-based training is deemed as a progressive step in the realm of education, learning, and training. Learning skill gets better with interactivity, and the concept of game-based training is tapping into that interactivity aspect in the learning procedure. To enhance the guidance in the process of learning, utilizing audio and video simulation is a familiar thing. But with the extensive usage of technology today, game-based training in learning is stated as a common method. Game-based training is applied and used in various sectors and industries. For instance, it is applied in corporate sales training, engineering training, human resource management training, health care or nursing training, etc. Amongst all these sectors, the use of game-based training is widely noted in medical and nursing training these days. There have also been various researches on this!

Benefits of nursing training

Benefits of Nursing Game-based training

Nursing game-based training has several benefits to offer, and those advantages are the reasons behind its reputation and application. In the subsequent section of this article, let us find out the benefits of employing game-based training in the nursing training process:

Collaborative Learning: As it is already said that the concept of game-based training is bringing ideal levels of interactivity in the process of training. Trainee nurses get a hands-on learning experience based on a virtual platform. It is fun and engaging, but at the same time, serious lessons are learned by the trainees.

Increased Engagement: Gaming has always attracted the young generation, as the modern generation is tech-savvy. It is difficult to find a person these days, who does not enjoy playing games on their smartphones and tablets. Thus, game-based training improves the interest of the trainees in the entire training process.

Economical training: For nursing training establishments, game-based training is a one-time investment which makes it an asset. Hence, nursing game-based training is more profitable as well as more affordable when compared to traditional training. It also saves a lot of resources like training time, lessens the paperwork, and uses less manpower for training. Therefore, it is economical, and it is the right choice for this industry.

Bite-sized information: Game-based training breaks down complicated theories into bite-sized information and simpler facts. As a result, trainees learn things faster and better. Healthcare and nursing training is information-heavy training, and this sometimes makes it overwhelming for the learner. So, it is easy if the information and training are given them piece by piece and in a fun way making the learning process fun and easy.

Factors to consider for nursing training

Factors to Consider While Implementing Nursing Game-based training

To implement a flawless nursing game-based training process, the organization needs to find the right service provider. And choosing the right service provider can be tough and confusing. It is important that the provider is experienced and specializes in nursing game-based training. Here are a few factors you should consider in your nursing game-based training:

Establishing a goal: Nursing simulations should be based on target accomplishments. It means trainees must pursue objectives and accomplishing each objective will take them to the next level.

Practical Tasks: The challenges that trainees would face in the gaming process should be related to practical or reasonable challenges. It will help the trainees to get an understanding of the on-the-job challenges.

Rewards: In nursing simulations, rewards and achievements play a major role. Rewards should be given to encourage the learners. It will help them to gain confidence in their next goals.

Contest: Game-based training should indulge competition between learners. Healthy competition helps quick and accurate learning and helps in team-building if learners are pit against each other. There should be multiplayer modes this boosts the team morale and increases teamwork.

Device Compatability: Virtual games for nursing trainees should come with a diverse range of device and OS support. Today, different smartphone devices are there with different operating systems. And training material should be made easily accessible across all kinds of devices. And nursing game-based training must be planned so as to be compatible with all kinds of devices and OS’.

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