Philip Rosedale steps up as Chairman and Chief Future Architect of Second Life

As you might or might not have heard … Philip Rosedale the CEO of Linden Lab is planning to move up from his position of Chief Executive Office to Chairman of the Board and an Executive Director with full functional responsibility- or at least that’s what the headlines should have read. It is sad how often news is misrepresented in the media to grab eyeballs.  Although the article then goes on to clarify that Philip was staying on as the Chairman and will be fully involved with Linden Lab many people(like me) might have been be misled by the headline.

Anyways, moving away from the media to the actual impact of this decision on Second Life users and developers like us.  I, like most others believe that this is a very positive step. Philip explicitly states in in his blog how he feels this decision will allow him to hand over the day to day operations to someone more experienced than him and concentrate instead on strategy and product development which he believes are his strengths. Philip has been the chief evangelist for Second Life and this will allow him more time to do so.

Unlike Cory’s departure a few months back which we thought might  have an impact on the growth and development of SL on the tech side . This executive decision hardly seems to be of much more importance than its hype value at least, in the short run. Some believe that the exisiting grid stability problems and the plateauing of the SL growth rate led to this decision. It is also being speculated that this is a move to get a more established hand in as CEO before the much anticipated public offering by Linden Lab.  We at Indusgeeks believe its a combination of both these issues that might have led Philip himself to reconsider how best to position himself in the Company for everyone’s benefit.

We’ll have to wait for the replacement CEO to step into the office before commenting on the medium and long term impact of this decision. In the meantime I’d like to salute Philip for taking a brave and honourable step in the best interests of the company he created.  Now maybe he can spend more time in Second Life….

– Sid