Positive Impacts of Game Based learning – An Interactive Tool for Easy Learning

Research shows that game based learning improves cognitive retention. Students tend to learn better and faster through games. The games which are designed with academic purposes or which have secondary or incidental value are referred to as educational games. All kinds of games can be used to educate people. These games are meant to teach individuals about a particular subject, reinforce development, expand a concept, understand historical culture or events, learn skills and reinforce development.

Game based e-learning differs from traditional instructional methods of learning because it motivates learners, highly by presenting content in a rule based, interactive and competitive manner. Game based learning offers versatility for different learning styles and can affect psychomotor and cognitive skills.

Basically, game based learning uses a unique simulation or game to cater for the learning requirements of a group. The games have a definite objective that can be achieved via the path laid out in the game. It is normally an immersive experience that provides learners with something to do, to plan strategically, to think logically and to be goal oriented.

With educational gaming, it is easy for educators to get in depth data about the performance of every student. This is a great way to measure progress and achievement in a manner that reinforces and rewards engagement. Educators can achieve this by assessing performance simultaneously and minimizing cheating during games. Assessment may be carried out as the game continues. Feedback can be given many times to allow students to know their position so that they can know where they need to seek assistance or work harder to reach their goals. Awarding and rewarding the students motivates them and discourages giving up. Educators may adjust their way of teaching and the subject matter based on developmental assessment of the students.

As you implement game based learning, it is advisable to use games which are already developed by game based learning companies. If they contact a game based learning company Mumbai dwellers can obtain many types of games that they can use for educational purposes. These games can be adapted for learning and teaching. Adapting the games to suit your needs will pave way for efficient and quick game based learning delivery. For instance, you can use word games to help employees develop language and vocabulary skills. Similarly, you can use strategy based games to help learners improve their logical thinking skills.

E-learning software companies are the pioneers in e-learning methodologies globally. Game based learning companies Mumbai offer customized services to a wide variety of clients. They also build a culture of the best e-learning techniques.