Sales Gamification: A new way to engage and uplift!

When we use the word gamification, we assume and envision games modified in such a way which is helping a business to achieve the parameters of growth. Gamification is not something new, it is about amplifying the real world experience by applying motivational techniques that makes game so engaging.



The key to understand Sales gamification is to getting familiar with the behaviour pattern of the customers and applying the understanding in a motivational manner.

Successful sales gamification can be achieved by understanding when and how to apply it so sales teams focus on meaningful behaviours that address key business objectives. Think about it, traverse to the past of sales to understand most common trick in the book of sales management: Sales Contest.



Books on sales management always state that there is always room on the top! But what does it require to reach to that room? How to visualise things to get the best of what is there and what can be achieved?

“Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.”

Gamification is nothing but motivation to make something more interesting which will amp up the competition and will give the business a different ground.


How about taking the step ahead and knowing what gamification can achieve if executed well in the market.



Competition is the nature of Salespeople. To amp the competition brands have placed their people across to promote and create wide customer range. Visiting a Super market now a days is like walking on a road filled with colourful people staring at you with both the eyes open. Sometimes by doing so customer not only hesitates but also shows a less interest in the coming back to the same market.

But, what If you put something in that market which allows customer to approach you with an interest. How about creating an application which runs all sort of contest for the brand and let customer engage more. Let’s compare a mobile company running the gamification app in their mobile to the company which is still using the card board to showcase the specification of the mobile. On comparison it can be easily seen that company with gamification app has more ground to cover than the latter.



Game Based Sales Training

Sales is a career which keeps challenging a person by throwing so many unforeseen situation. So, more amount of time you spent on sales more you get the desire of competition. Gamification will create a competitive environment which will energise people to get engaged in the process of reaching to the top and stimulate collaboration among the peers.


 “Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to one another. And when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives.” – DANIEL PINK



Salespeople enter in this field with the mind-set of a hawk, who has an eye set to get the hold of his prey and get the best out of it. Gamification works as a catalyst for salespeople to score better and better in the market.

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