Second Life and the World of Tomorrow.

The Internet is changing and so is the world. The Internet changed the way we viewed the world and each other. The Metaverse will change the way we view the Internet and life. Many call it a corrupting and scary influence. Imagining a future ‘ Matrix’ like world where mankind has retreated within the cocoons of their mind and body. We think otherwise….

All the work that we do on the Internet and on our computers are ‘virtual’ in the correct sense of the word and we have been doing that for ages, so why this uproar about them now ? Because we just “Windowed” the Internet , baby! Just like the Graphical User Interface (created first by Xerox and popularized by Apple) revolutionized the computer experience and put a PC in every home and office desk, Virtual Worlds like Second Life will alter the way we use and associate with the Web.

3 Dimensional Virtual Worlds collectively known as the Metaverse ( a term coined by Neal Stephenson in his cult novel Snowcrash) are already a global phenomenon. Its only now that India is waking up to this global reality. We at Indusgeeks seek to facilitate and expedite this process for companies and individuals looking to participate in creating this World of Tomorrow.

Over the coming days we at Indusgeeks intend to document, propose and reference new developments happening on this exciting new Web of the Tomorrow on Glob and the site, so stay tuned !

– Sid