Serious Games and Simulations News (26 – 31 May) – Weekly Roundup!

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This week was filled with some of the best stuff from the world of serious games, simulations and game based learning! Here’s a roundup of some of the most interesting things that caught our eye this week:

1. 5 Trends in e-Learning and Serious Games You Should Know

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This article, from TrainEasy serves as an excellent primer for a lot of the popular trends in elearning right now.

The author goes through each of the terms one by one and succinctly defines them, what makes them a good learning tool as well as good examples for them to be used to their maximum potential. We were particularly interested in the write up for Blended Learning, because this is, in particular, one of the best methods to introduce people to the concept of elearning in general.

Having someone attend a talk or a seminar can only result in so much information being absorbed. On the other hand, having the attendee play a quiz game after the talk to test his knowledge of skills learned and also help him brush up on the most important points from the seminar can help increase his absorption levels to much higher levels than before.

We loved the article and greatly appreciated it for what it is – an excellent primer to bring people up to speed on the newest trends in E-Learning. Definitely worth a read.

2. How Emotional Connections Can Trigger Creativity and Learning



Katrina Schwartz has written a great article on how emotional connections to subject matter can often trigger creativity and learning. This is something us here at Indusgeeks feel strongly about, because the emotional connect is a very very powerful way of getting people engaged with the subject matter. Naturally, this leads to better learning and even more important – enjoyable learning.

The author uses a psychological and physiological base to explain how the brain “opens up” for learning when establishing an emotional connect, and does a fine job of explaining how this can be utilized to devise experiences that truly engage with the learner.

Fascinating read, if only for the deeper message it carries for e-learning and game based learning developers like us out there.

3. Five ways to ‘gamify’ your elearning

Training Zone’s Joe Hastings writes a great article on the art of “gamifying” the elearning experience to keep players motivated while learning. What interests us most was the great care the Joe has taken to provide steps that skillfully dodge the common pitfalls of such an endeavour, turning what should be an enjoyable solution into “chocolate covered broccoli”.

We particularly loved the write up on Rewarding players for performing well, especially because it also serves as a great primer for developers who want to harness the power of rewards to motivate players, especially with its write-up on the different kind of rewards and how each one can be used to maximum effect.

Extremely well written article and very insightful stuff. Definitely give it a read.

4. How Do You Teach Empathy? Harvard Pilots Game Simulation


Katrina Schwartz takes a look at a program that Harvard is developing to teach empathy. This was important for us because it’s actually taking on the teaching of a subject that is largely, up until now, something that’s always been handled best by direct traditional teaching or even therapy.

To be able to teach emotional concepts through the use of games actually might actually be one of the greatest milestones in the field of e-learning, because if successful, it could actually lead to mental health institutions and elearning developers being able to join forces and take advantage of the high engagement of video games and treat mental disorders and illnesses head on. It can start with empathy, but it would be great to see such applications also eventually be able to deal with such difficult and tricky subjects as PTSD. Kudos to Harvard for being the leading light in this program, we certainly will be keeping an eye on this over here at Indusgeeks.

Well, that’s all for this week – stay tuned for another update on the world of Serious Games and Game Based Learning next week!

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