Soft Skills Training Simulations – How do Game Based Learning and Gamification enter the picture?

With the rise of game based learning and gamification proving to be actually effective and not just a passing learning fad, a lot of learning and development departments around the world are scrambling to figure out the best possible ways to employ these learning techniques.

One such area is soft skills training – if poorly executed, even the best-intentioned game based learning solution can fail.

One of the core challenges faced by soft skills training is the conversational element, something especially faced by a modern sales agent. Regardless of the product, one of the most difficult tasks that new salesmen have to face is making a positive personal connect with their customer to drive the meeting forward and successfully accomplish their sales goal, while also balancing client vendor relationships.

Till now, the only way  to really train good, effective sales personnel was to put them through a rigorous Instructor Led Training course, which led to considerable problems:

a) Training through instructors results in a high degree of inconsistency, especially if training happens across multiple branches of a large corporation.

b) The training also occupies a 100% of the sales agents time for the days that they are mandated to attend this workshop, with no reliable follow up assessment (either formative or summative assessment) to gauge any sort of accurate efficacy of the instructor led course.

c) The training also, by nature of the fact that it has to happen within a set period of time (for example, a week) results in the syllabus taking a hit, the consequence of which is that sales personnel will be left completely clueless about some rare, yet possible situations that they might face in the course of their career.

As a consequence of this, it’s not a surprise that corporations with a sales heavy workforce often see high turnover rates, as sales personnel face rejection after rejection due inconsistent – and ultimately, insufficient – training.

Game based learning, game based training, simulation based training and gamification help solve some of these problems through some of their in-built characteristics:

a) Through game based learning solutions, the training continues to remain consistent across the entire organization, barring any inconsistencies in localization to accommodate today’s global workforce.

b) By virtue of game based learning and gamification platforms being multiplatform and the fact that modern smartphones are getting more and more powerful, today’s highly mobile global sales force have the ability to not just track sales leads and perform followups all through their mobile device, but also have the ability to refresh sales techniques or level up their sales skills through nuggets of wisdom from other veterans in their field. An added bonus is that this training doesn’t require the salesperson to be physically locked down in a classroom to receive such training – they can do it from the comfort of their own homes, or even while travelling.

c) Depending on the architecture of the solution, a well designed game based solution (like the one we designed for a large Indian life insurance company) can include a complex dialogue engine, which allows the learn to provide contextual responses based on the client’s reaction and thus try to steer the conversation towards a positive outcome.

So where does gamification come in all of this? Gamification should really be the pièce de résistance of the final solution – the one element, that by its transparency, has the most impact. A great gamification solution is made exceptional when integrated into a well executed game based learning solution. Due to the social element integrated into most modern gamification solutions, things such as leaderboards can often encourage healthy competition in the sales force, along with badges resulting in real life rewards for high-performing sales personnel.

Ultimately, game based learning and simulation based training solutions have the right answer to solve a lot of business process training needs, whether it’s onboarding and induction, soft skills and sales skills training, to even compliance and corporate policy awareness.

About Indusgeeks:

Indusgeeks has, for the past 8 years, served as one of the best game based learning, game based training and simulation based training companies in the world, transforming boring e-learning content via our proprietary process into engaging, interactive content that keeps companies ahead of the curve when it comes to learning technology. Interested in taking the first step to creating game based learning solutions your learners will love? Feel free to drop us an e-mail at business at indusgeeks dot com or call us at +1 650 488 8072.

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