The 2 Big reasons why game based learning is the future of training

According to a number of research studies being conducted annually, it’s becoming more and more apparent that game based learning and gamification are definitely one of the top trends to emerge from 2015, not to mention over the past decade. With conclusive data showing that game based learning has resulted in far better engagement, understanding and better retention of learning material, a lot of L&D as well as HR departments at organizations around the world are now beginning to see the far reaching impact that game based learning has on corporate training, regardless of business vertical or process. Below are two of the key reasons why game based learning is the future of training.

  1. Versatility: Game Based Learning can be applied to create corporate training solutions for any business process or learning objective, making it extremely flexible for your specific learning objectives. Combined with gamification, game based learning solutions become even more effective, combining the best of a narrative storyline and gameplay elements with the social interaction and motivation tools that gamification provides.
  2. Multiplatform: Game Based Learning can be deployed across multiple platforms, thus allowing employees and learners to play on the go.

With these two killer features in its corner, it’s no surprise that gamification and game based learning for training is going to be a mainstay for many more years to come.

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