The Tail is getting longer for Child Rights and You (CRY) – Indusgeeks investigate the long tail of web & v-marketing :)

12 days after the Child Rights and You’s (CRY) virtual presence was soft launched by Indusgeeks we have now started to build up a considerable “tail” or trail on the web. We have yet to hold our inworld press conference and do the launch event in-world. We believe that’s part of Phase 2 and not Phase 1 as is usually the practice. As mentioned in the previous post we are still in the First phase of the campaign. Let’s see what the results have been so far :

1 . Hindustan Times – Front page box and then half page inside. (Real life newspaper)

2. Indiainfoline News. –





7. SecondLife Today

Blogs :

1. Russian Blog

2. French Blog

3. Your2ndPlace

4. Watblog

5. Indianpad

6. Alootechie

7. India-Forums

This in addition to almost all major aggregator sites like digg and boxxet adding it to their lists. Even one in Korea!! This is not an exhaustive list… by the very nature of web 2.0 it’s difficult to be exhaustive…. this is what a cursory search turns up on Google..

I am not even counting the lead up to this when the articles appeared in DNA and Business Standard and even Hindustan Times before. Also there was a small mention in Economic Times Delhi in the real life paper!

I am not trying for a minute to suggest that… marketing and newspaper hits etc. are the only reason to enter Second Life. Cheap publicity is a terrible motive , but it’s not necessarily terrible! Seriously though, I think publicity about the medium is not only desirable but required in India. Most people have very skewed notions of what Second Life or virtual worlds are all about. So a presence like that of CRY’s makes people sit up and wonder….. if a NGO is here can’t be all that bad… hmm.. maybe I should check it out!

And that’s precisely the kind of reaction required to bring virtual worlds into the mainstream Internet market and educate the masses and corporates about V-Training , Conferencing, Collaboration etc. which is almost never mentioned in the media in India yet…. So keep plugged in for Phase 2 🙂