When Should You Really Prefer Game-Based Training?

Game-based training and gamification has become critical to the current market dynamics. Most of the companies are integrating gamification in their training modules. These serious games are suitable for challenging conditions where your workforce requires motivation and self-assessment. At the same time, they help to mitigate many challenges posed by conventional training. Though, they can be implemented for any specific organizational training, here are three scenarios where it becomes imperative to use serious games developed by a professional game based training software company:


1. If Your On boarding Module is Boring and Unproductive:

Gamification offers immersive and interactive on boarding solutions to welcome the new recruits. A well-defined on boarding program can lead into better employee retention. It enhances their knowledge about the company, its goals, vision, and corporate culture. At the same time, it helps the new employees to interact and compete with their co-workers. They can acclimatize with new workplace using the help of a virtual friend guiding through this induction process. It also saves cost and time spent in traditional on boarding practices.

2. If You Need An Effective Leadership Training And Development Program:

By using scenario-based simulations and gaming techniques, you can enhance the quality and effectiveness of leadership training in your enterprise. Gamification can help to stimulate potential leadership traits in your future leaders. These self-paced learning modules are cost-effective and scalable. Also, they provide instant feedback about the performance of learners. It helps the participants to overcome their weaknesses and hone their key skills with regular practice. It creates an engaging and undisruptive environment using gaming elements like story, characterization, threats, rewards, and lots more.

3. If You Need To Train Your Sales Reps For Repeated Product Launches:

In traditional training methodologies, PowerPoint presentations, webinars, PDFs, and corporate literature were extensively used to provide information about new product launches. But, this entire process is cumbersome and has low retention rates. However, gamification can turn the tides in this regard. It helps to enhance user engagement and retention. Hence, your sales preps will understand every aspect related to a product in an easy and effective manner. By using elements like storytelling, aesthetics, challenges, rewards, and competition, gamification can motivate them to perform better in real life scenarios.

Apart from these, solutions offered by a game based training software company facilitate cultural familiarization in organizations with diverse workforce and help employees to learn new IT systems with ease.

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