World’s first Unity3D based Medical Virtual World, CliniSpace launched by Innovation in Learning Inc.(CA) and Indusgeeks Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India) today

Los Altos Hills, CA, November 29, 2010 – California based Innovation in Learning, a pioneer in the field of Immersive Healthcare Learning, Training and Collaboration and Indusgeeks Solutions a multi-award winning, global virtual worlds development and serious games company announced today the launch of their browser based, 3D, medical virtual world CliniSpaceTM (

Clinispace is designed to be used by  Hospitals, Healthcare Systems & Companies, Schools of Medicine, Nursing & Allied Healthcare  sectors for learning, training and collaborative purposes. Clinispace offers realistic user avatars, environments and patient bots ( Dynapatient  TM) in a multi-user environment with rich communication facilities such text chat, voice chat and document sharing. Clinispace is an end to end browser based experience with a website which allows scheduling and calendaring facilities, in addition, to providing in depth analytics and assessment capabilities.

“CliniSpaceTM is our answer to the tough challenges being faced by the Healthcare sector in creating quality professionals equipped to cope with the increasingly stressed Healthcare delivery systems. CliniSpaceTM seeks to empower healthcare professionals and students by presenting new immersive learning experiences for them on a browser based, easy to use, hosted platform. Its pay as you go model helps institutions choose a plan that suits their budget and change plans as their needs evolve,” said Dr. Parvati Dev, Cofounder and President of Innovation in Learning.

Sid Banerjee , CEO of Indusgeeks  Solutions added, “ With CliniSpaceTM we wanted to carry Indusgeek’s philosophy of anytime, anywhere learning to the Healthcare sector in partnership with Innovation in Learning. CliniSpaceTM is powered by our MetamersiveTM platform and this allows healthcare professionals using CliniSpaceTM to connect to their learning content and connections from their smart phones, browsers or desktops. We feel CliniSpace will revolutionize learning, training and collaboration in the Healthcare domain by making it personal, easy and accessible.”

According to Dr. Wm Leroy Heinrichs, co-founder of IIL, “CliniSpaceTM addresses an important gap in medical learning by making learning more experiential and immersive. Medical assets such as patients , medical environments etc. are digital in CliniSpaceTM. This helps reduce cost of distribution of learning content and makes it easy reusable. Also, collaboration between trainers and learners is easily achieved in our medical virtual world and this reduces the need for physical training facilities.”

About Clinispace : Clinispace TM was chosen as a finalist at the Serious Games Challenge at the I/ITSEC – 2010 in Florida, on the day of it’s official commercial launch!

About Indusgeeks Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Indusgeeks is a multi-award winning virtual worlds development and serious games company with offices and partners in Mumbai, Dubai, Philadelphia, San Francisco, London and Sydney. Chosen  as a finalists for Top 100 private tech companies in Asia for the year 2010 by the Red Herring Magazine, Indusgeeks is a market leader in creating rich 3D and 2D, browser based, immersive virtual environments that work on low-end hardware and bandwidth. Indusgeeks’ global clientele includes the Govt. of Dubai, Tata Indicom, The Brand Union, Gazzetta dello Sport, Mahindra Satyam, Idaho State University etc.

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About Innovation in Learning

Innovation in Learning Inc. (IIL) ( provides products and services for virtual training environments in the healthcare sector. IIL’s products includeCliniSpace™, a 3D immersive medical environment hosted on, and accessed via the Internet; DynaPatient™, virtual patients with dynamic pathophysiology models; and clinical training scenarios, curricula and assessment tools. IIL’s principals are leaders in the healthcare simulation field, with numerous publications and recognition for their research.

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