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game-based elearning

Game based elearning is changing the face of corporate elearning and training. While there once was a one-way exchange of information, there is now through interactive training games that has enhanced the experience to corporate training and corporate elearning. Lately, companies have woken up to the idea of imparting training to their workforce in an engaging manner rather than pushing a dossier of published content at them. Corporate game based elearning and training is informative, improves employee engagement levels and predominantly utilizes a delivery platform (smartphones, tablets, etc.) that finds high favor with the employees. 


Game based elearning & corporates, what’s the catch?

Remember trust falls that were the staple of corporate team-building exercises in the past to build team cooperation? Today, these have been replaced by more interactive, immersive and engaging options that can be carried around as an app on your smartphone or accessed off the cloud. The evolution of the corporate game based elearning and training is hinged on versatility, innovation, creativity and the ability of the game producer to convince the corporate organization that the former’s titles are relevant and specific to the company’s workforce. Generalization is out, highly personalized content  to suit industry verticals and requirements are in.

Anyone familiar with e-learning is bound to know about game based elearning as it is a popular buzz word. In simple terms, it is delivery of an online learning solution to the learners, which is built on a full fledged, interactive game solution. Unlike e-learning gamification, it is not about including game elements to non-game contexts, instead, the game itself is used as the foundation, and the training content is added on, or woven into it.

There is already a tremendous growth in the market for games. Games are no longer a medium of entertainment alone, as they are now effectively used in the area of learning and training too. Worldwide revenues from game based learning reached $2.6 billion in 2016, and are expected to touch a whopping $7.3 billion by 2021! These statistics assert that people enjoy playing games, the fun, excitement of winning challenges and tasks, scoring points and badges etc are some of the key elements in a game which is able to hook the learner to it.


Game based elearning and corporate training

Game-Based Learning: Enhance the Learning Experience 

Game based elearning is the practice of using games to enhance the learning and training experience for your employees. 

This interactive training games are used to help teach a principle. The game itself is not new or unique to the curriculum, but it illustrates what is taught using play and interactivity as an example. 

Through game-based learning, employees are better trained. Games help them stay motivated and engaged as well as give them relevant practice and immediate feedback. Critical thinking and problem solving are enhanced. Furthermore, winning feels good and provides a sense of accomplishment. Implementing simple gamification and game-based training elements such as leaderboards, badges, and weekly challenges could boost sales team performance for the majority of companies that utilize them. Businesses with highly engaged employees see a 20 percent increase in sales.

So here are 5 reasons why game based elearning work for corporate training and most organizations are incorporating it:

  • Easy Assessment of Employee Performance

 It is very easy to assess the learning received by any employee through game-based e-learning and game-based training. Certain techniques like quiz tests and analytical questions on the slides are used to quantify the level of understanding of the employees during the given corporate training session. This makes the employees make strategic choices based on simulated situations that are associated with the work environment. Through this approach, it becomes easy to make the learning process easier and more engaging for the employees.


  • Game-Based E-Learning Helps Massively in Retaining Learning Insights


Enterprises invest heavily in training employees and then struggle to retain the learnings once they retire or leave. Game-based training usually has machine learning built into the systems which allow all colleagues, past and present to benefit from the combined knowledge pool. Besides, game-based learning allows learners to progress at their own pace, thus, making learning a more personalized experience.


  • A Compelling and Interactive Way to Educate the Employees


Indusgeeks, an award-winning solutions provider of game-based learning and training experiences for large businesses uses game based elearning methods that enable trainers to adopt fundamental theories and concepts while teaching the employees in a compelling way that is easy to understand. With these games, employees need to apply the concepts in a simulated environment that replicates the actual work settings for that particular job. The theories and concepts introduced during the games assist the employees to comprehend the application of these concepts in the work environment, making it easier for them to practically learn about the process.


  • Trains employees In High-Risk Jobs


It’s not all fun and frolics through – some learning games are designed to provide a safe environment to practice skills needed for high-risk jobs.

Your bottom line is arguably just as important and no company can afford to lose revenue on account of mistakes made by trainees. Though these immersive simulations you can expose your employees to high-risk environments like firefighters, pilots, army men, surgeons deal with, without actually having any repercussions if things go wrong in a no-risk consequence-free environment.

These simulations definitely help boost the employees’ confidence when these employees are faced with a real-world encounter of the same scenario.


  • Incorporating tools that provide relevant feedback and analytics

 Relevant feedback and analytics is key to ensuring that the right kind of corporate elearning and training is provided to the user, that can be gauged and calibrated on the user ’s performance and engagement levels. This will give the user a clear analysis of the areas he is lacking in so that appropriate measures can also be taken accordingly to fix that. This will reinforce learning by creating a spirit of competition among other employees and users and helping them avoid the mistakes created in the game to not occur in real-life scenarios while actually at work.


Therefore, at Indusgeeks corporate e-learning combined with high fidelity game based e-learning courses to improve your training outcomes by reducing the training time required (for both learners/trainers) and consequently, reduces the overall costs.