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game-based learning

Uncertainty and doubt towards the concept of training and learning through the use of video games is now a thing of the past. This is because more and more organizations are relying today on this technique of game-based learning. Numerous scientific research has shown that there are many benefits to this form of learning method. The discoveries show greater interactivity and a higher rate of immersion with the course content, with fellow learners and increased engagement within the team. As a result, it gives a sense of belonging to the new employee during the initial days.

These benefits along with many other advantages have led the serious game and game-based learning industry to be on track to exceed $8 billion by 2022. And this just proves that whatever trust issues that people may have with game-based learning, it is hard to deny for a fact that it acknowledges all the major challenges that the learning and development industry is facing today! Gallup polls in one of their polls found out that just 13% of employees worldwide feel engaged in their work. Almost 63%  are not engaged as much and even worse than that is that the remaining 24% feel disengaged! These disengaged employees not only slow down the organizational growth; they might actively seek to reverse it.

6 reasons why Game-based learning is the solution for all your training problems

So here are certain interesting reasons why game-based learning for corporate training work:


Game-based learning is already versatile in many ways. The future of devices and technology in the L&D industry is going to be about on-the-go learning experiences. And game-based learning has already moved in this direction. This method of training can be made available to learners in devices ranging from tablets to smartphones to wearable tech. One of the most significant advancements in virtual reality eLearning.

Microlearning X Game-based learning:

This sub-title may look like a mathematical equation but the fact is that the result when these two methods of learning meet is exponential! Learners today in organizations don’t have time to waste and thus like to consume bite-sized information. This method of microlearning not only reduces learning time but helps them get more learning done. And game-based learning taps into exactly this characteristic of training to cater to today’s learners.

Perzonalization at its core:

Mobile learning to corporate training, every sector is looking for innovative and improved ways to customize their training experience. In game-based learning there’s a personalized gaming path which makes learning more intuitive and engaging.

It’s all about the Quality:

With so much information and learning material available easily on the web today, there is an increasing demand for quality content for corporate training. Learners today want less of theories, models and buzzwords. They want more of an experiential learning approach and this why game-based learning focuses on quality learning content than quantity!

Better Responsiveness to Learning:

Game-based learning is multi-sensory learning which greatly enhances a learner’s ability to grasp and retain concepts which would generally be harder to achieve. Sales personnel, for instance, can learn new sales tips faster, retain them in their memories and remember to use them effectively to close a sale in real-time.

Best tools for the optimum learning experience:

Feedback and analytics is an essential tool in building the right kind of corporate training. Game-based learning offers all these tools and also makes it easier to access and analyse the learners performance and engagement levels. This gives the user a clear picture of how they performed and where is it that they can improve. This will not only help them perform better on the training but also help them in permoforming better on-the-job.

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