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Leadership Training Games

Out of the many unique applications for game-based training for corporate training that we’ve covered so far, such as onboarding, sales training, and even compliance training, the one commonality with all of them is that in practice, game-based training shines when it comes to soft skills training. Leadership is another soft skill that is an important part of any corporate training. But just like many other soft topics which are categorized as critical skills, it is also a tough nut to crack. In this article, we’ll be discussing the potential of using leadership training games for corporate training.

With some of the most important organizational decisions being taken at the upper levels of management, grooming the next set of capable employees who would become the leaders within the company is of vital importance to the organization and high on their list of needs. In essence, the entire future of the company relies on the quality of leadership training and mentorship that these employees receive from organization veterans. Almost 83% people in a survey said that for any orgnization to be successful it needs leaders at all levels!

Unfortunately, due to the intrinsic risk that such training possesses when it comes to preparing employees to take a senior management/leadership track, it often results in sub-par training on the whole. Couple with this the fact that training now has to cater to a growing millennial workforce and it becomes increasingly clear that leadership training needs to move beyond boring PowerPoint presentations and classroom training.Can Leadership Training Games go the distance?Leadership training games, along with its many features, can help in this regard. Leadership training games allow for a risk-free training environment where the learner can experiment and innovate their decision making, with certain types of simulations being able to demonstrate an immediate outcome of those decisions. Soft skills such as communication and negotiation can also be achieved with a certain degree of mastery through the use of Leadership training games, with the use of dialog engines being able to accurately simulate a real-life conversation for common leadership situations such as re-negotiation of vendor contracts or even social HR situations such as dealing with difficult employees.

When combined with common gamification features such as badges, rewards, and leaderboards, it can also become immensely useful at motivating learners to use the application regularly, with an additional social layer on top of the solution allowing for a common platform for other learners to compete for the best scores on specific modules or the number of badges earned. 

With such comprehensive training, especially when combined with other possible Leadership training solutions designed to walk employees through all aspects of the business processes of their organization, it could be used to create a leadership much better informed and capable than the previous generation. This, in turn, could take your organizations to new heights of success through the innovations possible through leadership training games.

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