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Game-based e-Learning for Induction and onboarding

Did you know that within the first 45 days of joining a new organization, one in 5 employees decides if they should opt-out? Game-based e-Learning can make them stay! Let’s find out how.

Recruitment is an expensive as well as a time-consuming process. Once you get the right candidates, it is imperative to have measures in place to induct them as swiftly and efficiently as possible. This clearly affirms the need for a well-structured and a well-executed corporate induction and an onboarding training program to ensure that the new employees are not disenchanted. In fact, it should serve to enhance the positive image of the organization. If you are yet to convert your offline employee induction to game-based e-learning and corporate induction, it’s time to do so, here are the numbers to show why you should have an employee e-induction. 69% of the employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding. New employees who went through a structured onboarding program were 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years, and up to 20% of the employee turnover happens in the first 45 days.

The traditional face-to-face approach to render induction and onboarding programs is normally the approach most organizations opt for. This is of high impact, and the human touch goes a long way in helping new employees learn the organization culture, its value proposition, and how they can contribute very effectively.

However, this approach does have some challenges that can hamper the impact it aims to create. Increasingly, organizations are evaluating a transition to a blended or fully online approach to impart corporate induction and onboarding training.

Benefits of Game-based e-Learning for induction and on-boarding

What are the benefits of game-based e-learning for induction and onboarding?

  1. It provides a lot of flexibility to the learners to set their own time as well as the learning pace
  2. It enables the employee engagement and ensures retention levels.
  3. It is a cost-effective strategy.
  4. Game-based e-learning also helps in increasing the productivity of the organization.
  5. It provides a comprehensive tracking and reporting of information

Game-based e-induction

By incorporating game-based training in the employee induction process, it will help the organization to provide a stress-free, convenient and conducive environment for learning. The use of the game elements like the rewards, leaderboard, etc. can make the onboarding experience a fun, rewarding and engaging one.

The use of game-based e-learning for corporate training requirements is definitely increasing. Hence, it is not surprising that the game-based e-induction is gaining acceptance in the corporate world as a new strategy to onboard their new hires by playing a game.

The attributes of e-learning games, such as engaging and interactive gameplay, compelling storylines, rewards, recognition, control, and a safe environment, makes them a powerful choice for e-induction programs.

  • What are the Benefits of e-Learning as a Method for Onboarding Staff?

Game-based e-Learning does not only benefits you in terms of time being saved and training management, but it benefits your new starters too. They can go through the course at the speed that suits them, and also educating themselves on everything they need to know. Now, I know what you might be thinking—it’s cruel to leave them to sit there all day reading page after page! That is extremely boring, and your brain can’t process all that information. Game-based e-Learning has really come a long way from the traditional corporate training videos and text. You can now include lots of various content such as video, live broadcasting, text, images, audio, quizzes, and assessments. So, the learning format does not have to be dull. If you’re onboarding a lot of people at once, or over a while, a live broadcast training module will be provided to all your new starters across many offices, which could be really beneficial.

  • Game-based e-Learning should be Drip Fed and the Content of Training Varied

It’s also important to note that onboarding training does not have to be completed in just one day. It’s actually far better if you drip feed your lessons, so there is perhaps a new lesson every day or every week. This keeps the content fresh in the learners’ minds since they have the time and energy to absorb it. If you’re looking for other ways to reward staff for taking the time to complete their necessary or additional training units, then gamification can be a great tool. It is a great way of encouraging your learners to complete their weekly or daily lessons as they gain badges or certificates for completion/progress.

Game-based e-Learning is now a tool your HR department will consider for onboarding as it really does both you and your new starters a wealth of good. Move away from the stagnated learning videos and bulky books of training manuals and start moving towards more engaged and interactive learning.

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