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Game based elearning

Game based elearning is an innovative approach to train not only students but also the employees of any industry or organization. It has started to become a best solution to train the employees and enhance their skills, one can say it has become an emerging trend. It is a procedure to develop and convey interactive learning through games. It is only a method of advancing and revealing trainees into some pleasant movement to gather information and knowledge from it. Game based elearning is a whole package that consists of training like soft skills, leadership training, sales training simulations, and much more! 

Some components which game based elearning consists of are engagement, competition, teamwork, rewards, immediate feedback. It tries to connect the trainees to the content in an interactive manner which gives them intriguing learning experiences. Game based elearning doesn’t just limit to schools and students, in fact, it is the best way to train the employees of any given industry. 

So, let’s debunk a few of the myths around it- 

  • Game based elearning and gamification are the same.
    Mostly, people assume that gamification and game based elearning is the same thing, but the truth is, it is not. Gamification consists of adding components like rewards and badges to the existing content, whereas, when we talk about game based elearning, the content of the training is transformed into a game, game mechanics make the training and learning more engaging and active. 

  • The slow method of understanding.
    Organizations or employees think that game based elearning is a slow process and time consuming but the truth is, if it is chosen over the traditional methods then it’s more cost-effective and trainees and employees don’t have to invest their whole day and it is quick to finish.

  • Reduces the message of learning.
    Just because employees are getting trained through the method of the game and in a fun manner, it doesn’t mean that the main reason behind the training is being faded away, in fact, it is more adaptable.

  • Diverts the employee’s motivation.
    Sometimes, the misconception about employees getting diverted from their aim and goals towards the organization comes into the picture, but one has to understand the importance of game based elearning and its ability to boost confidence, morale, and motivation of the employees.

Game based elearning is emerging, and for some situation taking firm root, in different variety of industries and organizations — in a few of the world’s most renowned counseling firms, in industry pioneers; in small firms; in administration and assembling ventures, in direction, product training, soft skills, hard aptitudes, promoting and procedure. 

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