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Game-based nursing training

A nursing job is not an easy one. Nurses and medical practitioners face very challenging situations in day-to-day work-life. These challenges span across dealing with difficult patients, managing hazardous material (contaminated needles, emesis, fluids, etc), and of course, providing quality treatment to ailing patients. This blog talks about the need to include game-based nursing training to prevent the negative physical and psychological effects of the nursing career.

Nursing students need to undergo rigorous training and education to help them deal with these kinds of situations effectively. Traditional training methodology, that is in-class instructor-led training, is not sufficient to meet this requirement. Nurses in-training need a platform to practice the skills in a risk-free environment where they can make mistakes and learn from them. This is why interactive training is a critical component. Nursing games are scalable and adapt to the requirements of the job. They cover numerous scenarios that could be generic or as specific as the training needs are. Game-based nursing training also aids in increasing engagement with the subject matter.

The above video showcases how medical games can help with the training process. Medical games and nursing games are increasingly becoming a common mode of training. Game-based training uses different elements like narratives, characters, level-based progression, etc. that make it interactive and highly efficient for nursing training.

Using narrative-based medical games, nurse training allows for the incorporation of multiple Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) like:

  • The victims – on who the player performs the treatment
  • A mentor figure – who explains the scenario and guides through the steps.¬†

The video above covers two different emergency case scenarios where a mentor is guiding the trainee. In the first medical game, the mentor explains the process to perform rescue operations in the event of an earthquake. While in the latter, the mentor guides the trainee on how to treat an injured war-soldier in interior Afghanistan.

Can these aspects be taught through traditional delivery methods? Yes. Roleplay and active game-based nursing training give a safe platform to make errors and implement the learnings in a simulation environment. Game-based nursing training on a VR headset increases the immersion and engagement quotient through a custom-built universe for each medical game.

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