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game-based training

Reasons for using Game-Based training in corporate e-learning programs

Organizations are implementing game-based training products as part of their e-learning programs in the organization. These game-based training methods are an extraordinary way of  providing the most optimal learning & development process. Part of this success is due to the constant and personalized feedback received by employees, allowing them to measure their own progress. This way, employees become an active part of the learning process, while managers also continue to have tools to assess the progress of the training. It helps for learning practical things as well. Decision-making and interaction in an environment that emulates reality allows for better and more efficient learning because they take the learner to a real context where to apply what’s being training through game-based training.

To summarize the benefits of using game-based training for your employees are:

  • Game-based training and interactive training games for corporate e-learning makes every single decision made by learners very accountable for (rather than waiting until the end of every module to take a quiz).
  • Users have to demonstrate the gained knowledge in order to complete the learning simulation (rather than doing it over a quiz that will be assessed and feedback provided later).
  • The performance gaps in an employees knowledge or skills can be rectified immediately by higher management and fixed on the spot to avoid any loss of customers in a real-life scenario. All the information above is priceless for any training manager getting serious about its workforce performance.

There are innumerable applications for simulation-based learning, from discovery to deployment to continuous learning and training. And, it’s worth mentioning, they can be implemented supplementally to traditionally-based training methods, depending on the needs of the business. Certain organizations may find more value in offering a supplemental training versus a fully immersive experience.

Simulation-based training provides an experience that is valuable to both the employee and the business. A test environment allows both decision-makers and staff to make and identify mistakes, uncover problematic areas, and gain insights about the overall functionality of different types of software. Investigate the possibilities for implementing simulation-based learning within your business today.

Therefore, at Indusgeeks corporate e-learning combined with high fidelity learning/training simulations and interactive training games to improve your training outcomes by reducing the training time required (for both learners/trainers) and consequently, reduces the overall costs.