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Game-based training

In the digital training methodology, engaging the learner is one of the most essential factors that ensure that there’s proper transmission of knowledge and thus ensuring successful retention of the training modules. In the current method of training, a trainer is essential, if the trainer is removed from the scenario then the complete responsibility of engaging the learner falls on the content. But with the current format of training just having one-way information exchange modes like videos, books, presentations, etc. it doesn’t allow the learners to share their inputs and interact with the content. And therefore Game-based training courses are the best method of removing the shortcomings of the current corporate trainings.

Game-based training is a method of modern training that makes use of various modes to transfer knowledge and provide cognitive training experience to the learner. This method makes use of gaming elements and characteristics to make training fun, engaging and interesting. When the learner obtains information and knowledge through games and play, the transfer is more effective. Games help the learner to explore, plan, strategize, solve problems, use their imagination and find tangible solutions to the problems.

The concept that knowing is indivisible from executing – this is the core value statement based on which game-based training contents are made. The training content is directly woven into the learning environment and the knowledge gained can be practice in the same context. The learning and application of knowledge are done simultaneously in the game-based training process, unlike the traditional method wherein the learner learns the topic in theory and practically applies it later. Studies have shown that employees who learn and train through this approach retain knowledge longer as they are not only learning the content but enjoying as they are learning.

game-based training

The reasons why game-based training is the perfect way to train your employees:

  1.     An interactive, entertaining and engaging way to learn concepts through involvement in the games
  2.     It encourages analytical thinking and develops problem-solving attitude
  3.     It involves simulation techniques that allow learners to experience real-life situations in a risk-free environment
  4.     Leaderboards and team-based games boost relationship-building within teams
  5.     Completing and succeeding to higher levels in the games foster self-motivation and boosts confidence
  6.     Game-based training encourages the learner through a sense of progress backed by achievements, trophies, rewards and other social elements
  7.     Training games provide both structure and freedom. Goals, stories, and rules govern the game-based training, but players have the liberty to play as they like
  8.     Game-based training provides challenges, players can compete against themselves as well as other players, individually or in teams

There are various other benefits of using game-based training for corporate training. The findings from the studies show that using this method increases knowledge retention, higher completion rates, and saves resources. These obvious benefits have led the serious games and game-based training industry to be on the track to exceed $8 billion by 2022. Big corporations throughout the world have shifted to game-based training from traditional training after realizing the advantages and benefits it brings into the organizations training program.

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