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games for leadership training

Good and effective leadership is the ability to motivate, inspire, engage and build respect with others. Leadership, like many other soft topics which are classed as critical skills, is a very tough nut to crack. Games for leadership training are always available but they only do so much in terms of practicality and effectiveness. There is only so much theory you can learn about a soft skill before you actually need to bite the bullet and head out to the real world to practice your newly-found knowledge.

Therein lies the challenge: to practice leadership skills, you need people to lead and these people (be it lower management or freelance employees) may not be immediately available. And to top it off, if you turn out to be a poor/ineffective leader, you risk widespread damage among the team.

So how can we improvise on leadership training skills? Do gamification and game-based training actually make a difference or is it just a fad that’s rising in popularity? Or to put it in another way, how can a game produce a better leader? Let’s have an in-depth analysis of how game-based training could make a difference in your organization.

Here are the top three areas where we believe games can benefit leadership development:

  • Allowing practicing of learned skills.
  • Observing developing and emerging leadership skills.
  • Assessing leadership capabilities.

So here is a video explaining how Indusgeeks can help create effective and strong leaders of tomorrow :


Therefore, at Indusgeeks corporate e-learning combined with high fidelity learning and games for leadership training to improve your training outcomes by reducing the training time required (for both learners/trainers) and consequently, reduces the overall costs.