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Games for Leadership training

Like many other soft topics which are classified as critical, leadership is that skills that is considered as the tough one to crack. Leadership training is such an overused terminology in the corporate training industry that it may sound very simple. But in fact, it is one of the most difficult forms of training. There is only a handful of theoretical knowledge that you can gain from books and other modes of training for leadership. Then how can you be prepared to face the real-life leadership situations with such insufficient knowledge? How can organizations prepare future leaders most optimally? Games for Leadership training is the solution!

There’s no single technique or chemical formula that would turn anybody into a leader overnight, but then games for leadership training act as a catalyst to help prospective managers and leaders to become a good leader of the future.

Real-life situations are the best way of leadership training but it is not a feasible method as it may adversely affect the organization. Games for leadership training try and tap into the same level of engagement using scenarios, simulations, and animations that are gamified using gaming mechanics which help the learner to learn and practice concepts from realistic work situations in a risk-free environment.

Serious games for leadership training can help the learner to play and practice on the various skills that are needed to become a good leader, like building a collaborative team or solving issues between employees or even make quick decisions during adversity. This method of training is highly adaptable as games can be made to fit the custom training requirements of the organization’s leadership training program. For example, if the organization want sot train their employees to face challenging situations like – handling a non-cooperative member in the team or motivating a demotivated workforce.

Games for Leadership training: The way to train future leaders

42% of employees describe the training they get as boring and useless. Games can make even boring training fun and interesting. Because of this reason, it is more engaging and the retention rate of the acquired knowledge goes up significantly over traditional methods. Another advantage of games for leadership training is that it is easily accessible and prompt! After a session of actually participating in a simulated face-to-face situation, the learner will get immediate feedback just like in real life. This will help the learner to analyze and learn from the consequences of their actions. And if they want to practice again and correct themselves that can actually go back and practice the situation again and again until they get it right.

Games for leadership training is the best method of training for the leaders of tomorrow. Many senior staff of the past would’ve been great leaders only if they had this method of training. So are you thinking what we are thinking? Yes… Michael Scott from Dunder Mifflin Inc also (‘The Office’ reference) would’ve been a better boss only if he was trained using game-based training.

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