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Augmented Reality Training

With the rapid change in technology around the world, many people are interested to know – how Augmented reality training will influence learning. Augmented reality training is a widespread trend in the training and education industry. But why is it so that suddenly organizations are using this method to train their employees? Employees always want training content that has the highest level of personalization and helps in increasing engagement. On the other hand, organizations are looking for solutions that are cost-effective, give the highest returns and a successful result at the end of the training program. AR checks all the right boxes that make it a balanced solution to the corporate training problems.

Augmented reality training is a training approach that combines augmented reality and software to enrich the training by adding a layer of extra dimension into the training program. The AR market is estimated to reach USD 72.7 billion by 2024, of this sum a major contribution in the future is going to be from the learning and training industry. More and more organizations are today incorporating Augmented reality training into their employee training programs. Big corporations like Unilever and DHL are also using this method of training.

What is it that makes this method of training stand out? What big advantages do organizations as well as the stakeholders get by using this method? The reason to switch to this futuristic method of training is a huge list. Keep reading to find out 4 major reasons why Augmented reality training is the future of corporate training.

Interactive training:

The most important characteristic that makes Augmented reality training fun and engaging is that it gives the learner an immersive experience. It uses real-world environment and computer-generated graphics to create interactive training games to teach employees important training modules. The learner gets to practice the training module by actually interacting with a simulated version of the real life. This increases the engagement rates by making the training module fun and interactive.

Convenient and Effective training:

Augmented reality training is portable and convenient as it can be accessed using even the regular smartphone. The learner can practice and learn anyplace and anytime as per their own convenience. This makes this form of training even more effective for the learner. Apart from this, it is also cost-effective for the company. This method reduces the expense of repetitive buying of training resources.

Quick and Immediate feedback:

The biggest advantage of this method of training is that it gives the learner and the trainer instant feedback. This feature makes it easier for the learner to track their own progress and correct themselves if they are going wrong. They can repeat the same module if they go wrong and repeat it till they are satisfied. Apart from this, it benefits the trainer as they can quantify the progress made by the student. Less time will be spent in off-site training so even the productivity increases multi-folds.

Collaborative Training:

Collaborative training allows learners to connect with other employees of the team during the training, resulting in a deeper bonding and higher motivation amongst the team members. A leaderboard and other gaming elements like this builds a sense of healthy competition. This motivates the employees to stay on top always and thus resulting in better output from the training.

Considering the benefits and the increasing popularity of Augmented reality training, it is okay to presume that in the coming years all the organizations would upgrade to this method of training. The best quality of AR is that it develops curiosity and encourages the learner to know more. So, future-proof your company’s training process today!

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