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virtual reality training


Virtual reality training is becoming a widely recognized approach within numerous industry verticals. Virtual Reality technology most certainly has the potential to change traditional corporate training methods as we know it. Not just by helping managers and trainers in leading their team but also boosting the learner’s performance. Carving out the time and budget to spend in training is one of the biggest barriers that organizations today usAually face. With the high cost of commute, combined with fees for training courses and personnel. But to make it worse in traditional training the learners do not actually spend time learning and trying to resolve real problems that they may face during the job but instead are trained in a safe environment and this generally takes a huge toll on productivity and cost-efficiency.

Virtual Reality training is thus used in various industries as it tackles such important problems in corporate training in organizations.

Since its arrival, it has showcased two primary purposes –

  • Increase knowledge retention, attention span and energy levels
  • The emphasis of practical applications of new skills learned

Virtual reality training for corporate e-learning and employee training

Here are a few industries that find virtual reality training especially beneficial to their business –


Especially in surgical and trauma-related specialties, healthcare professionals are expected to constantly improve their experience and skill set levels. The real world, on-the-job experience isn’t always feasible and every decision one takes could be a matter of life and death. Virtual reality training allows medical experts to explore various surgical, medical, and trauma-related scenarios without the risks involved. With the availability of realistic tutorials, surgeons and medical experts can interact with objects and learn how to provide the best quality of care to their patients.


Manufacturing is yet another sector where even the slightest move in the wrong direction can result in undesirable consequences. Imagine a scenario where a less experienced factory worker chooses to control a machine. The risks the worker puts himself and his co-workers while performing their job is infinite. Virtual reality training allows laborers in manufacturing houses to master systems and adopt an efficient routine while operating specific machines. Virtual reality also allows instructors and supervisors to monitor their performance and promptly find solutions to possible issues. This can help on-site fatalities, injuries, and prevent violations of compliance.


For businesses that have a highly dispersed workforce, making sure they are well trained and on top of their sales game is made possible with virtual reality training. A salesforce can learn about new products, trends, and new sales policies through VR-based scenarios as against simply reading up a theory about features and benefits. Virtual reality allows salespeople to interact with virtual customers, identify their needs, and find a suitable product or service to sell through life like virtual simulations.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement employees are the first responders to most dire situations and are responsible for safeguarding the lives of the common individuals. With the help of virtual reality simulations, they can gain real-world experience in a completely safe setting. Through virtual reality training, law enforcement professionals can learn how to read the body language of a suspect, how to disarm an assailant securely and ensure civilian safety in emergencies that may be faced on the field. Virtual reality training is also often used by the military where defense personnel can explore foreign landscapes and engage in realistic situations.

The application of Virtual reality for training purposes does not limit to these 4 industries. Its application is limitless and infinite. From k-12 education to highly complex engineering and medical training, Virtual reality training can be applied and be beneficial through all the industry.

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