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It definitely takes a combination of online training activities, game based training, online assessments, and attention-grabbing immersive and interactive content to create a successful corporate training strategy. Employees need to build their skills, improve task performance, and gain real-world experience as well. This means that your online training program needs to be a lean, mean, cost-efficient machine that does the job.

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  • Task Simulators
    Online training simulations certainly serve a wide range of uses, especially for soft skill development. Employees have the opportunity to explore every step in the process first hand, instead of just reading about it. They can also learn to use new software, tools, and equipment which would be provided in the office space. To ensure that your employees get the most benefit from their simulated online training experience, use of simulated real-life scenarios with everyday environments are part of the simulation.


  • Branching Scenarios
    Employees generally must make multiple decisions throughout the course of their workday. They are also required to interact with employees and co-workers on a regular basis in order to get everyday work done. So is it possible to get them ready for each and every scenario possible without compromising on service and support? The answer is simple -branching scenarios. Employees make choices that lead them down specific paths. Each decision brings them one step closer to the desired outcome or negative consequences depending on their judgment through the course.


  • Serious Games
    Serious games feature immersive storylines, memorable simulation-based characters, and game mechanics. Employees have the chance to earn points, points, rewards, and badges and move up the leaderboard. Progressing through a level while learning everything there is to your job is now the new fad to skyrocket retention levels within the organization.


  • Interactive Online Assessments
    Let’s be honest, assessments are generally boring and mundane but they definitely don’t have to stay that way. In fact, you can turn your bland compliance exams and task performance evaluations into interactive online assessments. Online training scenarios, simulations, as well as serious games, can be repurposed to track employee comprehension and progress. For example, an online training scenario is able to identify performance gaps and provide immediate feedback to improve their productivity as well as scenarios that may occur before interacting with a client.

To Summarize the benefits of using interactive training games for your employees:

  • Games for corporate training makes every single decision made by learners very accountable for (rather than waiting until the end of every module to take a quiz).
  • Learners have to demonstrate the acquired knowledge in order to complete the learning simulation (rather than doing it over a quiz that will be assessed and feedback provided later).
  • The performance gaps in an employees knowledge or skills can be rectified immediately by higher management and fixed on the spot to avoid any loss of customers in a real-life scenario. All the information above is priceless for any training manager getting serious about its workforce performance.


Blunder as many times as you want to.
Sending an employee that has just joined the organization with minimal to no knowledge of the organization’s workflow and processes leads to several mistakes initially by an employee. By doing so, chances are that the person will make mistakes along the road, create a negative customer experience, cost money, and might lead to other undesirable outcomes along the line as well. Learning through failure is a unique tool that only interactive game based training methods provide.


You might consider the act that during a quiz an employee may be prompted the right solution in case he opts for the wrong one instead of waiting for the entire session/module to end. That is completely true barring the fact that although he gets the instant feedback he would probably not retain that knowledge in any way since it’s not interactive or immersive at least for the long run.


With interactive training content, you can actually engage your user and take the training game to the next level altogether!