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interactive training gamesIf you are involved in any sort of traditional training or elearning activities then it is likely that you have considered implementing some form of interactive training games/serious game into your course material.

Today gamification, game-based training, and serious games are definitely being leveraged to help bolster learning and drive home key objectives. Gaming elements help employees get people involved with the learning which has been shown to improve retention.

Beyond this benefit though lies the fact that infusing games with course content also get learners thinking about the material from a variety of perspectives and applications.

One common misconception about using serious games in elearning or training events is that it is difficult to capture relevant data but in fact, the opposite holds true for this scenario. Gaming can actually give you a wealth of relevant data about participants and their understanding.


So what are the benefits of using interactive training games for your employees:

  • Games for corporate training makes every single decision made by learners very accountable for (rather than waiting until the end of every module to take a quiz).
  • Learners have to demonstrate the acquired knowledge in order to complete the learning simulation (rather than doing it over a quiz that will be assessed and feedback provided later).
  • The performance gaps in an employees knowledge or skills can be rectified immediately by higher management and fixed on the spot to avoid any loss of customers in a real-life scenario. All the information above is priceless for any training manager getting serious about its workforce performance.
  • Relevant feedback and analytics is key to ensuring that the right kind of corporate e-learning and training is provided to the user, that can be gauged and calibrated on the user ’s performance and engagement levels through these interactive training games. This will give the user a clear analysis of the areas he is lacking in so that appropriate measures can also be taken accordingly to fix that. This will reinforce learning by creating a spirit of competition among other employees and users and helping them avoid the mistakes created in the game to not occur in real-life scenarios while actually at work.

    Therefore, at Indusgeeks corporate e-learning combined with high fidelity learning/training simulations and interactive training games to improve your training outcomes by reducing the training time required (for both learners/trainers) and consequently, reduces the overall costs.