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Interactive Training Games

Hospitality is completely a customer-centric industry and thus it is all about the proficiency of the employees in an organization. Employees have to be on top of their game at all times to provide great service, hence, staff training is essential in this sector. With changing times the training requirements and needs of this industry is also changing. Modern hospitality training should help the employees to stay motivated and inspired by providing them information and helping them to realize the importance of their jobs. Interactive Training Games for Hospitality Training fits right in as it ticks all the requirement boxes.

Training in the Hospitality industry includes a lot of different types of learning. The hospitality industry is rapidly changing with an increased demand for high-quality, cost-effective and interactive training. Training in the hospitality sector has its own set of challenges and obstacles. 40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. The training needs to be engaging and interesting, especially those kind of trainings which are information-heavy, they have to be tailored to meet the constant change of compliance legislation, etc. Issues like these not only make it necessary for the organizations to keep aside a huge chunk of their budget aside for training but also create a demand for more cost-effective and uniform method of training.

Interactive Training Games for Hospitality Training

There are 6 different areas in hospitality training where Interactive training games can be used:

  • Customer service and guest handling training:

This is one of the most important areas of hospitality training. This training teaches the employees to deal with all kinds of guests and situations that they could face during their work. Soft skills training and company guidelines are part of this area of training.

  • Cultural Awareness training:

Being in this industry the employees have to meet guests and tourists from different geographical locations and various ethnic backgrounds. Interactive training games can simulate these interactions by having the employees to meet different characters in the game and train them to interact with them. For instance, Cornell University has a similar solution named Cocktail Party Simulation that teaches hospitality workers how to handle and intercultural situations.

  • System and software training:

Today, starting from inventory to reservations, everything is done using computers and the internet. Employees in charge must know these software and systems very well for the smooth and effective functioning of any process in a hotel. Complicated software in this industry requires intensive training but regular classroom training makes it boring and so using interactive training games can help make this training easy, engaging and fun.

  • Food handling training:

Handling food properly right from the kitchen until it is served is very important. And this is one important factor that helps the business to sustain. The employee needs to know what they’re making and how any kind of dish or beverage is to be served. They must be trained to handle food emergencies and food and safety compliances.

  • Housekeeping training:

Hygiene and housekeeping may sound like a very easy job but it is difficult and is the backbone of the hospitality business. Housekeeping staff must be trained to understand the various kinds of cleaning methods and items they are required to use in the organization. Interactive training games can put them in worst-case scenarios through simulating them on the screen, this also does not have a real-world impact even if they go wrong somewhere.

  • Induction training:

New recruits in any organization have to learn a lot of things during the initial days, and this can be overwhelming. Regular format of training may teach them but it does not necessarily stick around in their memory or help them connect with the organization. Training games make sure that new employees learn things quickly, remember what they’ve learned and connect well with the brand and function accordingly.

These enjoyable experiences not only create more productive employees, but they also lead to satisfied and content customers. Using the powers of psychology and gaming to make work more fun can be crucial to recruiting and retaining a 21st-century workforce motivated by more than money.

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