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Interactive Training Games

Game-based training and interactive training games are not new terms in the corporate training space. Surely you must’ve read, heard and know about this through blogs, articles, videos or must’ve used this method. The use of interactive training games and simulations is considered to be the most successful approach because of the plethora of advantages it brings to the organizational training. This method was introduced to increase fun and engagement to the regular and boring classroom training.

We all have come across the 70-20-10 model of learning and development which asserts that 70% of learning comes from on-job experience, 20% comes from actual interaction and by facing situations and the remaining 10% comes from the regular conventional learning. This is a universally accepted model for maximum output. And this proves that the maximum learning is done when the learner is learning from experiences i.e. experiential learning. Interactive training games and simulations tap into this characteristic of training and introduces a new way of learning by replicating on-the-job situations through life-like simulations.

Games, in general, are known to be good at increasing engagement and retention rates because they need the mind to be active at all times while playing them. Even a small kid who plays games on the phone remembers the specific details of the game. Various tests and studies done by universities across the globe proves this point. Games require more attention when compared to regular reading and learning.

Why interactive training games work

Organizations that switched from their regular format of training to interactive training games saw a minimum increase of 5-8% in their assessment scores and more than 20% increase in the retention rates. With interactive training games and game-based training, what ends up happening is that as a trainer, you have unmatched access and understanding into the way your learners think and function, which, in turn, also provides some valuable information on their abilities and skillsets especially for corporate training.

Through the approach of interactive training games, what becomes immediately obvious is how close we have come to the blessed grail of training and assessment itself – the ability to algorithmically and conclusively enumerate a learner’s qualities, with the capability to guide them on paths that utilize the learner’s core strengths to the fullest potential, while also removing their weaknesses.

When such powerful analytics capabilities are used in combination with an immersive, engaging format such as interactive training games, it combines the best of both world to create a truly inclusive training experience that not only helps to efficiently increase the learner’s subject matter knowledge with maximum retention but also provide insight into learning behavior through raw data for trainers, which when is read, can be used to create a more tailored training experiences.

Despite the impact of such eLearning strategies for corporate training, there are still concerns about their effectiveness. Many times the managerial level lay off interactive training games as just a fad that adds no value to the training process. But once they experience it themselves these people who were once skeptical about this method become the evangelists of it. With more and more organizations recognizing the true potential of interactive training games and game-based training for corporate training and incorporating it in their trainings show that it is not just fluff but it is here to stay!

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