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serious games

Serious games for training purposes have been around on the lookout for longer than 10 years now. This kind of training feature helps actualize everything from leadership training  to soft skills training, sales training, and much more enhancement of other various skills. Serious games are in much more demand than ever and the community which develops them has been rapidly growing. It not only enhances skills or helps them build but is also being used across industries to teach, assess, and have a social effect. In comparison to traditional methods of learning it removes the unexciting elements and encourages the employees or trainees to practice and excel in various ways.

But somehow there are many organisations still which are not able to perceive the fact that games can be adapted to train and they can improve learning outcomes. Here, are few misbeliefs regarding the same: 

  • You can’t be trained and have fun at the same time
    From a longer period, training has meant to be serious and have been conducted through traditional methods but talking about being trained with serious games, it not only makes the training interactive and immersive but also it makes training entertaining and fun which makes serious game pass as an ideal training tool which not only engages but also motivate the employees.

  • Lacks motivation 
    A lot of organization mistakenly believed that while being trained via games then the employees won’t be motivated for the actual real-life scenarios but the truth is because serious games are so engaging and intriguing it capture the attention of the employee and make them earn rewards and move ahead to achieve the learning objectives which are set, which motivates them to do well.

  • It is highly time-consuming 
    Serious games can reduce the training time because of how the modules are set and have been fitted into daily workflows and according to the employee’s time where they don’t need to leave their full day work. And because serious games have a higher retention rate it causes many employees to take training less frequently.

Most games are associated with having fun and entertainment but not with being effective or efficient. But now, things are changing and emerging for good, now games are being adapted in various forms whether as serious games or interactive games or training games which are not only full of entertainment but they also are engaging and efficient and hold employees attention and help them enhance the skills which are needed. Serious game puts employees in real life-based situations and they have to make choices to move ahead which will make them aware of the steps they are taking and whether they are right or wrong and if they are wrong so it gives them the chance to start over in a risk-free environment which results in building the confidence and sharpen their decision-making skills which will result in positive outcomes in future. 

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