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new hire orientation


New hire orientation is the process an employer uses for welcoming a new employee into the organization. The goal of new employee orientation is to help the new employee feel welcomed, quickly and efficiently integrated into the organization, and performing the new job successfully as quick as possible.


Businesses and organizations are always looking to hire and retain great talent. However, a business’ growth and success are not always sufficient to retain its employees. On average, most businesses lose 23% of all new employees within one year of joining. Some, more recently conducted surveys, found the percentage to be even higher.

In fact, according to the Aberdeen Group study, 86% of new employees choose to stick with or leave the company within the first 6 months. This kind of turnover not only slows down and decreases performance but also inflates the entire rehiring expenses. With the given average cost to fill a position running into the thousands, retention has become an important problem for employers.

So what can companies do to avoid losing a new hire just weeks or months after they start? The answer is to improve new employee orientation and onboarding with interactive training games.

New hire orientation process often includes an introduction to each department in the company and a list of employees to meet who are crucial to the new employee’s success.

Employee onboarding and new employee orientation also include training on-the-job often with a coworker who does or has done the job. New hire orientation frequently includes spending one’s time doing the jobs in each department to understand the flow of the product or service through the organization.


Gamifying Makes Onboarding Fun

One engagement strategy that the HR department is adopting is gamifiying parts of new hire orientation and onboarding process. It’s quite effective, especially during the early honeymoon stage of new hires because of it:

  1. It seamlessly aligns business goals with onboarding
  2. It increases engagement and retention
  3. Improves productivity and performance
  4. Delivers consistent and scalable results

Although only 17% of organizations apply game elements to their onboarding process, the results are very impressive. Organizations with gamified onboarding have experienced a massive  48% boost in engagement and 36% improvement in their turnover rate. Gamification can also help mitigate some of the biggest onboarding challenges and mistakes.

Gamification in New Employee Onboarding

The new employee that you have just hired has to take additional time going through the copious amounts of training material. Instead of being able to put your new employee to work, you have to wait and waste time until they are completely finished training. But wouldn’t it be much better if you were able to help your employee through the training process while still allowing them to absorb much more information?

How can this be done? Try gamification and game-based training! Check out these three elements of gamification in new hire orientation and onboarding is why they may end up benefiting your business :

new hire orientation

 1. Progress & Achievement

From the beginning, any small achievements that your employee accomplishes should be definitely rewarded. While you may think this sounds ridiculous at first, a study back in 2008 found that nearly 86 percent of new hires decide whether or not they want to stay around with the company within the first six months of employment. Make your employees feel like they are valuable to your business and simply not another cog in the wheel of progress.

 2. Leveling Up

The player has to accomplish a specified number of tasks before additional steps can be taken. The same can be applied to your new hire orientation. Set up a list of actionable goals that your employee must accomplish before other responsibilities can be assigned. For instance, you may want to have a new employee make a minimum of ten cold calls to potential clients before he or she can sit in on sales meetings. It’s little goals like those that will motivate your employees to keep pushing towards being more productive.

 3. Quests

Utilizing gamification quests is another fantastic way to improve new employee orientation and onboarding within your company. The idea behind quests is that they can be applied to any training subject, no matter what it is. Take a subject such as safety in the workplace for instance. Navigating from the initial problem to figuring out the solution and finally solving the questline puzzle has a thrill of its own. This is a common tactic used to increase employee engagement and user retention rates too!

 4. Eyes on the Prize

No matter what games and activities you integrate into your new hire orientation, one thing that’s essential to have is prizes and awards. Winning prizes, medals, or even a certificate will make your new hire feel accomplished and motivated. It’ll give them a good first impression of your organization, which will definitely make them more likely to stick around for the long haul.


So Gamify Your New Hire Orientation & Onboarding

New employee orientation and Onboarding is an opportunity to create a great first experience for new hires and lay down a roadmap that ensures long-term success. Gamification can also help enable constant learning and engagement by making your training program more interesting, giving you better opportunities to interact with your new employees, allowing you to assess their performance and give regular feedback. The right training program will not only massively improve retention and productivity but also bring down your turnover costs significantly.