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Serious games

Games have been transforming the world, be it for entertainment purposes or now, for teaching and training purposes. Serious games are progressively being utilized across various industries as strong vehicles to instruct, assess, or educate. Their impact is being felt across the healthcare industry too, where serious games are being used for nursing training or for building up soft skills. The biggest advantage of serious games is that they are engaging, connecting with, and vivid. They join learning techniques, information and structures, and game components to show explicit abilities, information, and attitudes. They are intended to tackle issues in a few territories and include difficulties and rewards, utilizing the entertainment and commitment parts given when the trainee is playing games. 

Even after all the advantages, serious games can bring in to an organization or any industry for that matter yet there are few misconceptions in regards to them, such as –

  • They are fading
    They are here to stay, an ever-increasing number of industries are adopting them in their training programs. They inspire trainees and construct energy, regardless of whatever the topic might be. The ascent of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has an assortment of suggestions for serious games, too. They might be much more vivid and intuitive in the coming years.

  • Does not engage the trainees
    By submerging the trainee into the subject of simulation, by empowering him to pick his character, to cooperate with objects and various components of the module, it seems like the engagement will be higher than a traditional method, in which the engagement required may be to answer a test.

  • Not effective¬†
    Trainee’s entertainment typically prompts achievement, in such a case that they are having a great time during their training and learning, odds are that they will practice it again and again, consequently expanding radically the commitment pace of the training module.

  • Serious games and gamification are the same
    They are not similar, despite popular thinking. Gamification includes incorporating game mechanics into your learning or training module, for example, identifications, leaderboards, or levels. Serious games are independent exercises that fill in as fortification and boost devices. You can utilize the two ways to deal with a much more compelling training module.

While talking about serious games, trainees are placed before professional circumstances and decisions to make, which will represent their last score. Having the chance to utilize the substance procured through this methodology into reasonable decisions is much more productive than basically getting data and making the appraisal part with a test. By the day’s end, serious games are engaging, obviously, yet most importantly profoundly powerful.

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