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Soft Skills Games

Soft skills are considered to be an essential characteristic for a person running an organization and also for employees working in the organization. According to Investopedia, Soft skills are considered to be a complementary trait to hard skills in the workplace that refers to a person’s knowledge and occupational skills. Soft skills are also called ‘people skills’ as these skills are not about what kind of knowledge the employees have but it is about the kind of person they are. As per the organization’s need and the kind of work the employee has to do in an organization the required skills might vary. And because of this reason, the regular format of training may not be the most appropriate approach of skills training for all the employees. This is where soft skills games come into the picture.

Games can be used to create powerful tools of learning and training by exploiting the various elements of gaming. Soft skills games provide an immersive platform to the learner. The learner can learn about various skills by just playing the game, which makes this form of training engaging, effortless and fun.

5 important skills that can be developed using soft skills games are:

  • Leadership Skills –

Employers today want every employee in the company to possess the qualities of the leader. Employees must be efficient and should willingly take responsibility. The employee must have a clear goal while working on a certain project and must be able to lead and supervise a team if need be. 

  • Teamwork – 

Every employee is a part of a team or a department, and employees in an organization today need to collaborate with each other to complete any work. Not only does one have to collaborate but also support others in the team. They should bring value to the team and should be open to feedback.

  • Communication Skills –

Google as a part of Project Oxygen conducted research in which they’ve stated that being a good communicator is one of the eight skills that defines a good manager. Communication skills doesn’t always mean how the person verbally communicates, it also includes non-verbal communication skills. In a workplace, non-verbal cues such as body language, facial expressions, and eye contact make the communication more effective. 

  • Problem Solving Skills –

Problem-solving skills are essential in all the roles in the company. Problem-solving is about how a person can use logic and imagination in difficult situations to come up with a solution. Soft skills games can be used to train the employees to solve problems that they’ll place during the job by actually making them play through a scenario.

  • Interpersonal Skills –

Interpersonal skills are the qualities and behaviors that a person displays when they are interacting with other people. This is one of the most important soft skills that is looked after by an employer in an employee. The success in a working environment can be judged by the strong interpersonal skills one demonstrates. This ability is useful as it passively forms a basis for all the other soft skills.

These 5 soft skills are important in any workplace and the employees can be trained effectively using soft skills games. Developing and inculcating soft skills and behavioral skills in corporate training can escalate company profits and increase workplace efficiency. Companies use the feedback and analytics from these soft skills games to make sure that knowledge is being retained, employees are being developed, and learning content is being retained.

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